Eligibility and Benefits

Eligibility and benefits

Air India customers who are residents of India and purchasing airline tickets directly from Air India can purchase travel insurance. Coverage is provided under a group travel insurance policy underwritten by Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited (Tata AIG). Ensure that your trip starts from India. 

Comprehensive benefits cover medical contingencies, travel contingencies, baggage contingencies, and other travel-related needs. For a detailed review of all available benefits, please refer to complete policy options for domestic and international travel. Your policy will cover only the benefits you choose, and those will be specified in your certificate of insurance. 

While traveling can be really exciting, it may also cause unexpected expenses. While no one can take away the pain of such unfortunate events, travel insurance can take care of some expenses that may be incurred during these incidents. 

No, there is no need for a medical check-up before the travel insurance is purchased. 

No, pre-existing diseases are not covered in the certificate of insurance.

There is an age limit for international travel. International passengers must be under the age of 70 to apply for Tata AIG travel insurance. 

Yes, you will see the option to buy insurance when booking your one-way flight as well.

Yes, if the travel is within the geographical boundaries of the plan selected, and the trip must start from India.  

Contingencies arising while travel within the geographical boundaries of the plan selected will be covered.