Inflight Experience

Inflight Experience

Experience a world of luxury with the best of food and entertainment on board all our flights.

Inflight entertainment

From blockbuster movies in multiple languages to your favourite TV shows, we have the best of entertainment to make your flight with us a relaxed one. Enjoy Hollywood classics, Bollywood masala flicks and much more at the touch of a button. See what's currently playing.

* Inflight entertainment is currently not available on the Airbus fleet of aircraft.  


We offer complimentary refreshments or meals onboard all our flights. Talk about a nation that prides itself in having nature’s bounty, the earliest civilizations, a rich and varied cultural heritage, a glorious past… and you can expect the perpetuations of a great legacy. That’s India.

Home to the Aryans, Moguls, Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, French and British, we are a veritable melting pot of the world’s finest philosophies, sciences, arts and skills. But more than one religion, our sculpture, our architecture, dance and music which weave a common fabric, it is our food, our refined sense of taste that defines us as a people.

Indian cuisine is an assortment of zealously guarded culinary skills that have descended from a host of regions and communities. Yet, each is distinct in flavour, ranging from the sharpest to the subtlest.

Despite its unparallel dietary range, there’s something mystical and intrinsic about all Indian food: the reverence and thoughtfulness with which it is prepared.

The exotic blend of herbs and spices, and the intricate preparatory methods, are all intended to let the aromas and flavours sink into the fare and your senses.

Air India lets you savour the very essence of India that has transcended boundaries to gain worldwide awe and recognition.

Come, embark on an epic culinary voyage and rediscover your inner self.

Types of meals offered

Air India will offer an appropriate meal, based on the scheduled time of departure of the flight. If a passenger does not select a meal option, Indian vegetarian meal will be offered.

Timings for meals on domestic flights

Breakfast04:00 to 11:00 hours
Lunch11:00 to 14:30 hours
Refreshment14:30 to 18:00 hours
Dinner18:00 to 22:30 hours
Refreshment22:30 to 04:00 hours

Liquor will not be served on domestic flights.

Meals provided on domestic flights

Flight DurationBusiness ClassEconomy Class
0 - 45 minutesBeverages on request Beverage
46 – 60 minutes

Cold menu

Beverages on request

Cold vegetarian menu

Beverages on request

61-90 minutes

Cold menu

Tea/coffee service
Hot vegetarian menu
Beverages on request
90 – 120 minutesMeals by ‘Time of Day’ with choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menusService of beverages, including tea and coffeeMeals by ‘Time of Day’ with choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus
Above 120 minutesMeals by ‘Time of Day’ with multiple choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menusService of beverages, including tea and coffeeMeals by ‘Time of Day’ with choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus,including tea and coffee


Meals Provided on International Flights

Up to 5 hours    One major meal
5 to 9 hours    One major meal & one minor meal
9 to 11 hoursTwo major meals
11 hours & above         Two major meals & one minor meal
Types of major mealsBreakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshment 
Types of minor mealsMeal/beverage or snack 

Type of major meal uplifted will be based on the departure time and arrival at destination

Following is the list of IATA special meals offered by Air India

All our special meals are vegetarian, except when required by the definition of the meal

Asian Veg Meal
(Indian style vegetarian meal)
AVMLContains vegetables, fresh fruits, and dairy products. Does not contain any meat, fish, or eggs.
Kosher Meal
Requires 72 hours prior notice
KSMLPrepared to comply with Jewish dietary requirements. Certified in a kosher kitchen.
(Available only on select International Flights)
Jain MealVJMLThis meal is prepared to meet the dietary requirements of the Jain community. A vegetarian meal without root vegetables & /tubers (onion, garlic, ginger, peanuts, turmeric, radish, turnip, potatoes, beetroots, etc.)
Vegetarian Vegan MealVVMLThis vegetarian meal does not contain any animal by product (dairy, eggs, fish, meats, lard etc.)
Moslem MealMOMLMeals are suitable for Muslims and are prepared in accordance with Halal method. May contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, fruits & dairy products. It does NOT contain pork or pig by-products..


Bland Meal
BLMLContains mostly soft food that is easily digestible like mashed potatoes, spinach, soft boiled eggs, boiled meats, toast and dairy products. Does not contain spices, onion or garlic and food that are baked, fried or spicy.
Diabetic Meal
DBMLContains minimum salt, low fat products, high fibre fruits and vegetables.
Fruit PlatterFPMLContains seasonal fruits. Suitable for passengers who are fasting or have dietary needs with no additives and preservatives.
Gluten Free Meal (Veg)GFMLPassengers who are intolerant to gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, oats, or rye).
Lacto-Ovo MealVLMLThis meal may contain vegetables, fruits, eggs, pulses & dairy products. Does not contain any type of meat or fish.
Low-calorie Meal
LCMLContains food with high fibre content, less fats and carbohydrates. Does not contain sugar, cream, sauces, mayonnaise, or fatty meats.
Low Fat / Low Cholesterol Meal
LFMLContains margarine, cottage cheese, egg white, boiled rice, potatoes, lean meats, fish, wholegrain bread, cereals, and fruit.
Low Sodium MealLSMLDoes not contain salt, MSG and baking soda/powder. Meal does not include salty cheese, sauces, dressings, cured & brined meats, canned fruits etc.
Non-Lactose Meal
(Veg / Non-Veg)
NLMLContains salads, high fibre food, pasta, rice, fish, or meat. Does not contain milk and milk products, sauces, soft rolls, croissants, or chocolate. Suitable for guests who are allergic or intolerant to milk or milk products.


Meals for children and babies

Baby Meal
(For children less than 2 years)
BBMLProprietary brands of baby meals are available only on international flights. Parents are advised to carry baby foods familiar to and preferred by their babies. Milk or baby meals can be heated on board.
Child Meal




  • Special meals (SPML) in economy class are uplifted only on health/medical grounds with intimation of at least 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Seafood meal (SFML) requests are not entertained in economy class.Meal Timings


Nut allergies

Nuts are served on our international flights as an accompaniment or sometimes as meal ingredient. An allergic reaction to peanuts or their by-products can be quite serious, we request that you bring your own meal on board if you have a peanut allergy. Air India accepts no responsibility for any allergic reaction you may suffer while on board an our flights. We suggest that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor to assess your fitness to fly with us in this regard.