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Earn Flying Returns points every time you apply e-visa


Cross borders seamlessly with Sherpa and earn Flying Returns points

Getting a visa has never been easier. With Sherpa, applying for an e-visa is a quick and hassle-free experience. It also provides you with the latest updates on travel requirements and restrictions- all in one place. This seamless process is also rewarding. 

Earn 25 Flying Returns points for every INR 100 spent on application fee.


Reliable, swift and secure


Supports all major online payment options


Provides travel documents in over 20 globally recognised languages


24x7 customer support

How to book

  • Visit the Sherpa website.
  • Know your visa details based on your passport and destination details and choose the visa document relevant to you.
  • Enter your Flying Returns membership ID before completing your transaction.
  • Flying Returns points will be credited to your account once the service request is complete.

Offer Overview


Search for the visa you need.


Submit your application.


Earn 25 Flying Returns points for every INR 100 spent.


Find points in your account within 30 working days of completion of the service.

About Sherpa

Sherpa is all about making your travel across borders as seamless as possible. We help you understand what you will need while travelling to a foreign destination, including the restrictions that apply. Applying for e-visas and e-TAs and learning about your travel requirements is a lot easier, faster and more secure process when you choose Sherpa.  

Our cutting-edge technology and enthusiastic team will provide you with all the support you need round-the-clock. And if, for some reason, we are unable to process the visa for you, don’t worry! We’ll tell you where to go.


Terms and Conditions 

  • Flying Returns points can only be earned by a member with a valid Flying Returns membership ID. It is to be provided before confirming the transaction online.  
  • If the Flying Returns membership ID is not mentioned, or an invalid Flying Returns membership ID is entered at the time of booking, the member cannot claim Flying Returns points for any service requests made with Sherpa.
  • Flying Returns can only be earned on Application fee levied by Sherpa and not on any regulatory charges paid to embassy or any authorized body.
  • Earned Flying Returns points will be credited to your Flying Returns account within 30 days of completion of the service request.
  • While applying for the e-visa on your behalf, Sherpa shares your personal details with the relevant government. This process is strictly in accordance with SOC 2 standards that ensure the best practices while handling personal data.
  • Sherpa and Air India reserve the right to extend or terminate this program without prior notice. 
  • The terms and conditions of this offer shall be governed by the laws of India. 
  • All Air India and Flying Returns terms and conditions apply. 
  • All terms and conditions of Sherpa are applicable unless otherwise mentioned. 
  • In case of any issues regarding Flying Returns points, please get in touch with the Air India Support Team.


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