Queries and Answers on GST Invoicing

  1. AI will have GST Portal only for GST Registration, uploading of OTA data and downloading of B2B Invoices
  2. Access to GST Portal for correction of Ticket data and its corresponding GSTIN details will be disabled. Therefore, it will be imperative to provide correct information towards GSTIN no, address, email-id etc at the time of booking itself
  3. GSTIN Registration page will continue to exist for all B2B to register and download their Tax Invoices
  4. OTA’s i.e., Electronic Commerce Operator should upload data on GST Portal within 3 days after the end of week to facilitate AI to compile and provide data
  5. The GST details required for invoicing like GSTN, name of the user, address, email id and phone number will be captured from SSR segment of PNR
  6. In case, data is incorrectly provided at the time of issuance, same will be treated as B2C and no revision of these tickets to B2B will be entertained
  7. Invoices are generated on Weekly basis
  8. Invoices are generated and sent to registered email id’s captured at the time of booking
  9. Invoices can be downloaded up to 6 month after the completion of earlier Fiscal year
  10. In case of single journey, one invoice is issued and in case of return journey, two invoices are issued for a single ticket

GST Invoicing queries and replies

1Tickets originating outside India.If the origin of the travel is outside India GST is not applicable on the ticket hence GST invoice is not issued.
2Tax Invoices are not uploaded on the portal.Invoices are generated and uploaded on portal on a weekly basis. The same can be downloaded from the AI portal.
3Invoice not generated for particular tickets.If GSTIN details are not correctly provided, then it is treated as B2C and no Invoice is generated on our portal.
4Incorrect email id details loaded from SSRCorrect email id to be informed to
5Invoice issued in incorrect name.Invoices are issued as per details available in SSR . If name is incorrect but GSTN is correct, input can be availed by user.
6Incorrect Invoice receivedIn case of incorrect Invoice generated, mail to be initiated to
7Timeline for uploading OTA DataOTA Operators should upload data on GST Portal within 3 days after the end of week to facilitate AI to compile and provide data.
8GST tax Invoice related QueriesMail to be initiated to