What will be the condition of my ticket after I receive confirmation of an upgrade to higher class?

The fare conditions for the original ticket you purchased shall remain in effect and will be applicable even if your Offer has been accepted and you have been upgraded, including, but not limited to, cancellation policies, change fees and conditions for minimum and maximum stay. The rules relating to the accrual of frequent flyer miles will be as per the upgraded class of travel. Your Baggage Allowance will be that of the upgraded class of travel. Lounge facility will not be provided.

What are the benefits I will receive as part of my upgrade to a higher class of travel?

After the upgrade your will receive the following benefits:

a) Priority check-in at airport counters, boarding gates and priority baggage handling.
b) Expedited security clearance through priority lanes at the security control for business class.
c) Priority boarding and additional baggage allowance of the upgraded class.
d) Comfortable Seats with large seat width and recline.
e) A complimentary amenity kit filled with Indian made travel essentials and skin care products on international flights involving night travel.
f) Gourmet Meals and Gastronomical Selections with range of hot and cold beverages.
g) On International Flights Meal service includes great wines and liquors
h) Privacy and Maximum comfort in the Business and First-Class cabin
i) Extra large touchscreen monitors, noise cancelling headphones and USB ports
j) Substantial hours of digital video and entertainment on demand
English and Hindi language newspapers and magazines on both short haul and long haul flights.

Can I select my seat in Business or First Class after the upgrade?

The Airline doesn’t guarantee specific seat assignments to passengers whose Offers are accepted and who are upgraded. The passenger will be able to select his/her seat on the flight in Business Class if he is originally booked in Economy or First Class if he is holding a Business Class booking ,on a space available basis when check-in opens.

Will all special requests from my original booking be applicable for my upgraded flight segment?

Yes, applicable special requests from your original booking will be carried over to your upgraded flight segment. Please note that seat preferences cannot be guaranteed.

What fare rules apply for my upgraded ticket?

The same rules apply as the original fare that you purchased, including any fees for changing or cancelling your booking.

My bid has been successful, but I need to cancel my ticket. Will I receive a refund for my bid?

If you are cancelling or changing your ticket, your bid will not be refunded.

I have already paid for a seat in Economy. What will happen if I’m upgraded to Business?

The amount that you have paid to reserve your seat will be refunded when you are upgraded to Business

I am an Air India Frequent Flyer Member. Will I earn additional Miles for a successful upgrade bid?

You will earn additional miles for a successful bid. You will earn miles as per the cabin class you have been upgraded to.

How to contact Air India for any Bid Upgrade issue?

You can direct your complaints about operations and other issues connected with Bid Upgrade by email to