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New York: Popularly known as the ‘Big Apple’, New York is a destination on every traveller's wish list. The city boasts iconic buildings like the Statue of Liberty, vibrant boroughs, and delicious cuisine.

Newark: One of New Jersey's oldest cities, Newark is the hub for lovers of  jazz and gospel music. The city with a cosmopolitan appeal is home to diverse communities and is an excellent place to discover the heartbeat of the American way of life.

Chicago: The third-most populous city after New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is famous for its music, food, and sports. Home to the NBA team Chicago Bulls, the city is also known for its architecture and museums. 

Washington, D.C.: Known for its rich historical lineage, the city is named after the first US president George Washington. It is home to various institutions, monuments and architectural marvels which lends the city a unique charm.

San Francisco: Known as Northern California's commercial, financial, and cultural centre, San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge and other architectural monuments. Visit and see firsthand the brilliance and artistry from a different era.

Toronto, Canada: The largest city in Canada is also its most multicultural. You’ll find food of all kinds when you set out to explore the countless galleries, museums, markets, and soaring skyscrapers.

Vancouver, Canada: A lively seaport in western Canada, Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and immersed in art, theatre, and music scenes. You’ll find four distinct seasons here, but rarely extreme weather, so there’s no bad time to visit.


London, UK: The largest city in England and the United Kingdom, London is a mix of modern-day cosmopolitan and medieval styles. It is famous for Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and Tower Bridge. It is also a sporting destination for many across the globe.

Birmingham, UK: With a bright mix of culture and taste, Birmingham is famous for industries, cuisines, legendary rock music, canal networks and an unmistakable vibe that’s true to this city.

Paris, France: Hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is a must-visit destination for culture, art, and romance, topped with delectable places to dine and, of course, the Eifel Tower.

Milan, Italy: Famous for art and architecture, Milan is also a great destination for fashionistas and foodies. Milan is an enticing blend of ancient treasures and modern glamour.  

Frankfurt, Germany: Home to the European Central Bank, Frankfurt is a major financial hub of Europe. This bustling metropolis boasts futuristic skylines and has the busiest airport in Germany.

Vienna, Austria: Recognized as the cultural centre of Europe, Vienna is a bustling metropolis where Baroque buildings dot the cityscape and classical music flows from the conservatories.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Visit one of the most picturesque cities in Northern Europe. Denmark’s capital consistently ranks as one of the top cities in the world for happy, healthy living. 


Sydney: One of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney has numerous nature reserves and parks and ranks amongst the world's top ten most diverse and liveable cities. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Darling Harbour, among others, are major attractions.

Melbourne: The capital city of Victoria and one of the most populous cities in Australia, Melbourne is famous for historical sites, galleries, museums and uncountable sites of interest. 


Hong Kong: From skyscrapers to buzzing nightlife, Hong Kong has it all. It is also home to centuries-old landmarks and traditions. It is a traveller's delight. 

Seoul: The capital of South Korea is a global city rooted firmly in traditional and artistic values. Home to skyscrapers and shopping malls, as well as well-preserved royal palaces and Buddhist temples, Seoul has it all.

Tokyo: The capital city of Japan has everything one could ask for. It has a splendid display of history and modernity with options in arts, culture, palaces, cherry blossoms and much more.


Singapore: One of the most loved destinations in the world, this country has an unmatched fan following across the globe. It has an outstanding airport along with true modern marvels.

Bangkok, Thailand: This bustling tourist heaven offers an array of mind-blowing street cuisine, traditional art, exciting beach activities and a lot more. It is a shopper’s paradise. 

Yangon, Myanmar: The capital city of Yangon has an array of beautiful beaches, commercial activities and architecture inspired by the life and times of Lord Buddha. It is a pocket-friendly destination and a visual treat. 


Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu is famous for monuments, temples, monasteries, and various exquisite stupas that make the city an unbeatable travel destination.

Dhaka, Bangladesh: The capital of Bangladesh is the world's largest Bengali-speaking city and famous for local art forms, cultural festivals, and religious diversity.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: This bustling financial centre and a tourist destination is famous for its forts, scenic historical sites, and beaches.

Male, Maldives: The capital of Maldives, Male is one of the most visited islands on the planet. It is part of a large cluster of Islands and is a well-known holiday destination. 


Dubai, UAE: From outdoor sports to world-class dining, there is something for everyone here. With magnificent tailored experiences, Dubai features high on everyone's list of holiday destinations.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: This slick and modern capital of UAE was where the movie ‘Stars Wars’ was shot. It is also famous for various recreational and multiple-theme parks.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: It’s one of the largest cities on the Arabian Peninsula, with a line up of museums, cultural centres as well as historical sites of interest.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: This commercial city in Saudi Arabia constitutes the port centre of Mecca. Serving as an essential destination for devotees who visit the holy sites of Mecca and Medina.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia: One of the most prominent cities in Saudi Arabia, Dammam is at the heart of the Saudi oil industry. As an important administrative seat of this industry, it holds a lot of prominence in the region.

Bahrain: An island country in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain may be small, but it’s home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tourists are drawn to Bahrain for beachcombing and pearl diving.  

Kuwait: Kuwait is a stunning example of a place that blends traditional Islamic culture and ethos with new-age western liberalistic thoughts.

Muscat, Oman: Oman is famous for ancient sites, terraced orchards, mosque sites, traditional ships and a lot more adorning the ethereal beauty of the landscape.

Doha, Qatar: Dotted with beautifully designed mosques, buildings and libraries, the capital city of Qatar is the country’s fastest growing city, which imperiously stands tall on the coast of the Persian Gulf. This tourist destination is north of Al Wakrah and south of Al Khor.

Tel Aviv, Israel: This city, off the Mediterranean coastline, is an economic and technological hotspot. It is also world-renowned for its high-quality restaurants, world-class cafe culture, and bustling nightlife.


Kenya: This East African country has everything from the coastline on the Indian Ocean to the highlands of Nairobi, this East African country is famed for expansive landscapes, vast wildlife preserves, and safaris.  

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