Fog Care

Flight rescheduling assistance

Presenting our "Fog Care" initiative, we are committed to mitigating the challenges arising from disruptions caused by fog for our valued passengers. 

As winter blankets northern India with dense fog, flight disruptions become a regrettable reality. We're taking a proactive approach to guide you through minimising the impact of fog on both you and our flight operations.

Reschedule flight at your convenience

Check your flight status promptly and consider rescheduling or cancelling affected flights with no additional charges. This saves you from unnecessary airport travel and spares you the inconvenience of long waits.

Click here to check your flight status. You can reschedule your flight for free or opt for a hassle-free ticket refund through Air India Fog Care. 
For further assistance, you can contact us online or reach us at 0116 932 9333.


Fog Care addresses the challenges posed by dense winter fog, impacting visibility and leading to safety measures, including temporary airport closures. This primarily affects early morning and late-night flights when fog is most prevalent.

Only Delhi inbound and outbound flights are affected, specifically those scheduled for early morning or late evening.


⦁ Book any other Air India flight operating in the next three days at no additional cost. Alternatively, you may contact Air India's call centre or the nearest booking office to rebook on any flight operating until 31 March 2024, on the same route using the waiver code.

⦁ Guests who booked tickets through Air India’s website and mobile can avail the Fog Care offer here.


⦁ Under the Fog Care offer, passengers need to reach out to their original booking source, where they can use the waiver code to claim a full refund within one year from the original travel date.

⦁ Passengers with tickets booked through Air India’s website and mobile can click here to claim a full refund.

All passengers whose flights are likely to be affected are eligible for the Fog Care offer. All these passengers will be notified through SMS and email before their travel.

Under the Fog Care offer, passengers can cancel and receive a full refund for the portion of the journey affected by fog.

No, there are no additional charges. The passenger will receive a code on their phone/email, that they can use to rebook (change the time and/or date) their flight at no extra charge.

Yes, all passengers whose flights are likely to be affected or have been impacted due to fog will be notified through SMS and email, providing rebooking and refund options, prior to their scheduled travel.

If a passenger chooses not to pursue either of the rebook or refund options mentioned in the advisory, they can proceed to the airport and take a chance with the originally booked flight. However, please note that the flight's operation is subject to fog-related weather conditions and may or may not operate.

You can use the service once for a booking. Any further change or cancellation will be chargeable.

Under the Air India Fog Care offer, a passenger using the waiver code can rebook themselves on the originally booked itinerary across a sufficient date range until 31 March 2024.

For tickets issued on Air India's booking channels, such as our website, mobile, call centre, and booking offices, a refund will be processed within seven business days. For agency bookings, customers are requested to contact the concerned travel agencies for the refund.

A passenger, in self-service mode, can rebook themselves using the ‘Self Re-accommodation' link provided in the notification on any Air India flight operating in the same sector within the next 72 hours. Additionally, they can either contact Air India’s call centre, the nearest booking office, or their travel agency to rebook a flight in the same sector operating until 31 March 2024.

Full refund will be given for the unutilised portion of the ticket itinerary, which can be availed up to one year from the original date of travel.