Dining Experience



Taste the culinary finesse of our inflight meals that will entice your palate. With a range of meal choices that consider the richness of Indian and international cuisines, we offer delectable delights for all.

Types of meals provided

International flights – meal services offered by flying time

Up to 6 hours

One major meal

6 to 8 hours

One major meal and one minor meal 

8 to 10 hours

Two major meals

10 hours and above

Two major meals and one minor meal 

Types of major meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshment, supper

Types of minor meals: Continental breakfast, hand-helds (wraps/rolls)


The type of major meal depends on your flight's departure time.

Liquor will be served for all major meals except breakfast.

Domestic flights – meal service by time of the day

Breakfast04:00 to 11:00 hours
Lunch11:01 to 14:30 hours
Refreshment 14:31 to 18:00 hours
Dinner18:01 to 22:30 hours
22:31 to 03:59 hours 


Flight duration
Business class
Flight duration
Economy class

0 - 120 minutes

Cold snacks

0 - 60 minutes

On-demand service: cookies with tetra pack drink

61-120 minutes

Vegetarian sandwich with tetra pack drink

Above 120 minutes

Hot meals with two choices each for non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals.

Above 120 minutes

Hot meals with choice of non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals.


Nuts and their by-products: Our inflight meals may contain nuts or trace amounts as they are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. We advise customers with nut allergies to take all necessary medical precautions.

Default meal choice: Our default meal is vegetarian. If a passenger has not selected a specific meal (including NVML). 

Liquor: Is not served on domestic flights (including domestic sectors of an international flight).

Meal plans

Medical, dietary and religious meals

We understand our passengers may have specific dietary preferences (or restrictions) and have curated a range of options for their selection. You must order these menu options on our website at least 24 hours before departure.

Meal name

Meal code


Diabetic meal


Contains minimum salt, low-fat products and high-fibre fruits and vegetables.

Gluten-free meal


Contains ingredients such as vegetables, rice, dairy products, fruits and salt and pepper, herbs and spices, sugars and preserves, margarine and vegetable oils.

Fruit platter meal


Contains seasonal fruits. Suitable for passengers who are fasting or have dietary needs with no additives or preservatives.

Non-vegetarian meal


Passengers requesting this meal may be offered the non-vegetarian option in varying cuisine styles from our inflight menu. 
On Air India flights, beef, pork and their by-products are not served.

Asian vegetarian meal


Passengers requesting this meal may be offered the vegetarian option in varying Asian cuisine styles from our inflight menu. The menu may include dairy products but no meats or eggs.

Vegan meal


The menu does not contain animal products or by-products, including eggs, dairy, or honey.

Jain meal


For passengers from the Jain community, menus prepared in Indian style will not contain any root vegetables, such as onions, garlic, or animal products.

Kosher meal 
(requires 72 hours prior notice)


For passengers from the Jewish community, prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary requirements in a certified kosher kitchen. (available only on specific international flights)

Moslem meal


For passengers from the Moslem community, menus prepared in an Indian cuisine style are prepared per Muslim dietary requirements in a certified halal kitchen.

Hindu meal


For passengers from the Hindu community, menus prepared in an Indian cuisine style may include chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, starches, or dairy products.

Baby meal 

(for children less than 2 years)


Proprietary brands of baby meals are available on international flights. Parents are advised to carry baby food familiar to and preferred by their babies. Milk or baby meals can be heated onboard.
Child meal 
Menus curated for children between the ages of 2 to 12. Typically, non-spicy.

All our special meals are vegetarian except where required by the nature of the meal, e.g., NVML – non-vegetarian meal.

Meals mentioned are served on flights operated by Air India. Customers travelling on partner airlines via codeshare or interline flights are advised to contact the respective operating carrier for their selection.

Please contact our customer service centre for any queries.