Extra Seat

Make Room for More

Buying extra seat in Air India


Sometimes, a little extra space is what you need. Book an additional seat next to you, make room for your fragile luggage or musical instruments and travel comfortably.

Booking an extra seat

  • You can book a maximum of two extra seats.
  • An extra seat can be booked for the entire or part of the journey.
  • You can book an extra seat in advance or on the departure date at the city booking office.
  • Purchase of an extra seat is subject to availability.

Note: Passengers cannot book an extra seat on Air India Express or Air India codeshare flights.

Cost of the extra seat

  • The original and extra seat charges are identical if both are purchased simultaneously. The costs do not include government taxes and airport levies.

Baggage Allowance 

International travel

  • Passengers booking extra seats are allowed to carry one checked-in baggage. However, they do not get any additional cabin or check-in baggage allowance.

Domestic travel 

  • Passengers with extra seat bookings are not entitled to any additional cabin or checked baggage allowance.