Upfront upgrades

Upfront Upgrades at the Airport

If you want to upgrade your flight when you check in at the airport, our Get Upfront Upgrade offer is your best bet. You can enjoy a luxurious and premium Air India flying experience for an additional fee (subject to seat availability).  

Key Features 

Air India passengers can upgrade from economy class to premium economy or business class and premium economy to business class and business class to first class against a fixed payment. You can also upgrade from economy to business or first class, representing an upgrade of two or three cabin classes.   


  • The offer is available to all valid ticket holders.   


  • No child /infant discount is applicable on upgrade amounts.   
  • An upgrade is non-transferable, non-reusable and cannot be converted to cash or otherwise.   

Offer Validity 

This offer is valid till 30th September 2023. The upgrade amounts are subject to change without prior notice and to the availability of seats. 

Applicable Sectors 

The offer applies across our domestic and international network on flights with premium economy, business and or first-class configuration operated by Air India. 


  • Upgraded passengers will be checked in through a separate business-class counter.  
  • They are entitled to priority immigration and security check wherever applicable. 


  • These upgrades are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to the physical presence of a passenger at the airport.  
  • The upgrade facility at the airport will be available starting 4 hours prior to departure and open until check-in closure.    

Baggage Allowance 

The customer will be entitled to the baggage allowance as per the original class of travel. A passenger holding an economy class ticket choosing the Get Upfront offer will be entitled to the baggage allowance as per the baggage limit of an economy class.   

Frequent Flyer Programme Points 

Frequent Flyer Programme miles will be as per the original class of travel. A passenger holding an economy ticket using the airport upgrade will only get Frequent Flyer Programme accrual of miles for economy class. 

Note:  As the upgrades are dependent on the cabins available in the aircraft that are operating these routes, the upgrades may be subject to change without notice.