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Melbourne, which is the capital and the largest city of Victoria, boasts of being a rich balance of the old and the new. You will find many architectural examples of Victorian style and modern high-tech skyscrapers. Melbourne is also known for hosting many events catering to the taste of different people. In addition, travel in the city is supported by an efficient transit system, making a trip to Melbourne a simple and relaxing affair.

Flying Air India

Air India has introduced new flights weekly to connect New Delhi (India) with Melbourne (Australia) for better connectivity and accommodating growing traffic. With this, you can now travel to Melbourne with ease and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. This non-stop travel with an early morning arrival ensures you don’t miss out on anything that the city has to offer. For our passengers looking to travel further, we provide the facility of Interline arrangements to Canberra and Brisbane to ease their travel to other parts of Australia. These additions are in lieu of restoring Air India’s leadership position in the field of international aviation.

Air India is also bringing back wide-body and narrow-body aircrafts in addition to leasing new ones to ensure stronger connectivity for Indian travellers to journey to global destinations and experience international events.With our flights, travellers can also expect crew members to converse in Indian languages, allowing seamless and easy conversations to make your journey better.

Air India is one of the most premiere airlines, with a network that includes the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, the Far East, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Gulf. Being a Star Alliance member, 26 other foreign airlines' loyalty programmes are linked to ours.

Airport Information

Melbourne Airport, the second busiest airport in Australia and the main airport supporting the city of Melbourne. There are four terminals at the airport: one international, two domestic, and one budget domestic. Direct flights are offered from the airport linking 33 domestic locations and to destinations in the Pacific, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Melbourne Airport is the primary arrival/departure point for flights linking four of Australia's seven capital cities.

The Melbourne Airport offers services like


Adult Change facilities


Baby change facilities




Foreign exchange


Disabled access


Lost property




Public transport – myki machines


Travel agency

The Indira Gandhi International Airport serves the popular business and tourist destination of New Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). Many people use the airport to travel both domestically and internationally. As the eighth-biggest airport in the world, it is the busiest and largest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic. The airport's international terminal, Terminal 3, connects New Delhi to some of the major cities around the globe.


The Delhi airport offers services like


Access to the Delhi Metro rail services


Inter-state and inter-city bus services


Car rentals and cabs


Inter-terminal shuttle services


Childcare rooms and baby strollers


Paramedic services