Disability Access in Australia

Disability access facilitation plan for Australian operations 

We understand every passenger’s needs are unique and must be met with care and comfort. Air India's disability access facilitation plan for Australian operations assists travellers with disabilities who might need help at the airport or during the flight. It is our effort to allow all our guests to travel in a dignified manner, without discrimination.

The ‘Facilitation Plan’ is not part of our ‘Conditions of Carriage’. Air India Limited reserves the right to amend this plan as required.

Reservations and pre-flight planning

Passengers who require special assistance

We're here to make your journey accessible and stress-free right from your reservation, pre-flight planning, and additional assistance at the airport. To ensure that your journey is comfortable, all necessary arrangements are made in advance. Passengers who require additional assistance at the airport or during the flight must notify us at the time of booking and at least three days prior to the intended departure date.

The Air India call centre number in Australia is + 61 3701 98270, and it is operational 24x7.

The traveller is responsible for contacting us directly about their specific needs while booking online or via a travel agent. It helps us to ensure that the booking has all the relevant information for us to arrange an appropriate degree of assistance.

Travellers with a hearing, speech, or vision impairment can also make reservations at our call centre through the National Relay Service. You will not be charged any fee for notifying the call centre.

Retention of information

Air India does not retain information regarding your special requests, and travellers with special requests need to share this information for each booking.


Travellers' information is disclosed only to relevant employees and contractors for operational reasons and on confidential terms. Air India complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act. You can read our privacy policy on our website for more details.

Passengers with limited mobility

Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance must report at least two hours before departure for seamless handling.

At the time of booking, the passenger will need to share the level of assistance required:

  • Assistance from kerbside to check-in
  • Wheelchair from check-in to the aircraft
  • Assistance to board and disembark the aircraft
  • Details of any personal mobility aid they may carry

Air India reserves the right to refuse to carry passengers in certain conditions. You can get more information on flying with travellers with reduced mobility on our website. Please do share the correct and complete information to help us make the necessary arrangements in advance to assist you at the airport of origin and destination.

Currently, Air India is unable to provide supervision for travellers who cannot travel alone, but we can provide limited direct assistance. In accordance with safety requirements, the number of travellers requiring wheelchairs that we can have on board is limited. You can read more about this here. You can also write to us for more information before booking.

Passengers with a vision and/or hearing impairment

Please inform us at least three days prior if you have a vision or hearing impairment. This will ensure the airport staff is prepared for your arrival with everything required for your safety and convenience.

Travelling with a service dog

Trained and certified service dogs may travel free of charge, subject to compliance with our policy. A service dog cannot occupy a passenger seat.

You need to check individual country regulations for carrying a dog and comply accordingly. You are required to present all necessary permits at the time of reservation. Get more information on travelling with a service dog here.

Passengers with medical conditions

Most people with medical conditions fly on commercial aircraft without difficulty. However, during the flight, the cabin air is pressurized and sometimes you may need precautions if you have any respiratory or heart problems.

Read more about flying with a medical condition here or talk to us.

Passengers requiring an extra seat

If your hand luggage is too big for the cabin's overhead bin, an extra seat will help you enjoy your journey without compromising the space. Standard fares for a passenger seat will apply in these cases.

If you book a seat for your baggage, the maximum weight of the baggage must not exceed 75 kg/165 lb per seat. The luggage will be subject to security clearances for carriage in the cabin.

As per safety regulations, if you have booked an additional seat, you will not be seated at the emergency exit seats. Get more information on booking an extra seat here or you can talk to us.

Travelling without a carer 

Currently, we are unable to provide supervision for travellers who cannot fly alone, but we can offer limited assistance. Passengers travelling alone must be independent so far as personal needs are concerned, including being able to use the washroom, administer their own medication, eat or drink without assistance, be able to manoeuvre themselves from check-in to the boarding gate and, be able to evacuate unassisted in the case of a ground or inflight emergency. Otherwise, a carer may be required.

Travelling with a carer

If you are going to travel with a caregiver, please let us know in advance so we can ensure that they are seated together. Please note that a carer must be physically able, independent, and a responsible person of at least 18 years of age, able to assist the traveller with their personal needs, including helping with transfers to and from mobility devices and seating, and in the case of a ground or in-flight emergency. We will not seat the traveller and their carer in an emergency exit row for safety purposes.

You must notify us at least three days prior to the travel date that a traveller with a disability is travelling with a caregiver. The booking for the carer needs to be made at the same time as the booking for the passenger with a disability.

Seating requests

For your safety and comfort, you will be seated in the most appropriate seat that suits your needs. We will do our best to accommodate all seating requests, but this may not be guaranteed for operational, safety or security reasons.

Due to air safety regulations, any traveller who requires special assistance or has an injury or requires a caregiver cannot occupy exit row seats.

Kerbside processes

We can arrange a 'meet and assist' facility if you need assistance on departure and arrival. Please refer to the Disability Access Facilitation Plan of the relevant airport for more information.

Check-in and security screening


Air India check-in counter opens three hours prior to the scheduled departure time and closes strictly one hour prior to departure.

It is recommended that travellers requiring additional assistance arrive two hours before their scheduled flight departure time so we can make the best possible arrangements, subject to adequate details are given to us.

Check-in counters

All check-in counters are accessible to travellers with disabilities. Even though the check-in counters are not at wheelchair height, our check-in staff is trained to accommodate your needs.

Please refer to the Disability Access Facilitation Plan of the relevant airport for more information on their terminal facilities.

Assistance at check-in for travellers with limited mobility

Please ensure that you request a wheelchair at the time of booking and confirm it before you travel to help us provide the best possible assistance throughout your journey.

Security screening

Air India is not a screening authority and is not responsible for security screening activities in any Australian airport. Please refer to the Disability Access Facilitation Plan of the relevant airport for more information on their security screening rules.

Medical Equipment

Access to aircraft

Assistance with boarding and disembarkation

To facilitate smooth and dignified boarding, travellers with disabilities and/or requiring special assistance are requested to be at the boarding gate at least 60 minutes prior to departure as they will generally be boarded before other passengers.

To facilitate a smooth and dignified disembarkation, travellers requiring special assistance will be disembarked after all other passengers.

Direct Assistance

Air India will provide limited direct assistance, as far as is reasonably possible and in accordance with our policy, to our guests who need help to travel with us. We will assist you in a dignified and non-discriminatory manner as possible within the constraints of our operation and available resources.

Flight Disruptions

Every effort will be made to minimize the effects of disruptions, such as flight delays and cancellations for travellers requiring additional assistance. It is recommended that travellers make themselves known to staff and remain in the check-in or boarding gate areas, as required.

Service delivery

Staff skills and training

Air India staff and crew undergo training in customer service delivery and disability awareness to meet the needs of all travellers, including those requiring additional assistance.

Security environment

Please refer to the Disability Access Facilitation Plan of the relevant airport for further information.

Communication strategies

Feedback and complaints

We want to make your experience better and would love to hear your feedback, including comments and/or complaints. You can find our customer case details here.

Expected improvements

Air India is always looking to improve how we cater to the needs of our travellers with special needs. We will keep updating this facilitation plan and our policies from time-to-time.