Travellers Requiring a Stretcher

Do You Require a Stretcher for Your Flight?

Are you worried because your medical condition requires you to use a stretcher for the flight? Don’t be, we’ve got you. All you need to do is inform Air India in advance, and we'll take care of the rest. Our dedicated crew will help ensure you have a memorable journey. The stretcher facility is available to all passengers on international and domestic flights. Please complete the Medical Information Form (MEDIF), with help from your doctor to help us determine your needs.



The MEDIF form is an IATA-approved document that lists the information that travellers with medical conditions need to share with the airline. Air India may reach out to you for additional information or clarifications. Please follow the instructions given below: 

  • A MEDIF form must be completed with the signature of the traveller or authorised representative and the attending physician.
  • An able-bodied adult escort must accompany the traveller using the stretcher.
  • Carrying a traveller on a stretcher requires advance arrangement and is subject to availability.
  • Travellers with contagious diseases or showing inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted.
  • Stretcher cases are accepted only after clearance from the medical services department and the chief medical officer.
  • For travellers with reduced mobility, the MEDIF form is to be filled out by the traveller or their authorised representative in case they cannot do so.
  • The ‘information on clinical condition’ section of the form must be completed by the physician treating the traveller.
  • It is mandatory to include the treating physician’s certification and the traveller’s undertaking or declaration at the end of the MEDIF.
  • The passenger or their representative must sign the MEDIF requesting air travel.
  • MEDIF form must be submitted every time for commercial airlines since clearance is valid only for a particular flight and date.
  • The medical form must be filled in for clearance and can be obtained from any Air India office.
  • For interline flights, travellers must plan with the other airline to get confirmation to carry special meals, medicines, oxygen, etc. 

Note: Only one stretcher per flight will be accepted in economy class, and no stretcher can be carried in first and executive class. The charges vary as per the type of aircraft as well as the sector of travel. Kindly contact your nearest Air India office for more information.