Travellers Requiring a Stretcher

Do You Require a Stretcher for Your Flight?

Whatever support you need, we’re here to help. Our priority is that you fly comfortably and safely. We accept guests travelling on stretchers only on Air India-operated sectors. Please inform us about your stretcher requirements in advance to assist you better and to ensure your travel plans are not affected. Do fill out the Medical Information Form (MEDIF) for clearance from medical authorities.

Some guidelines to remember when booking a stretcher service:

  • You can book the stretcher service only for a one-way journey. Booking for the service is only permitted from  Air India offices.
  • The stretcher fare will be charged per segment or flight leg. 
  • You will be provided with a stretcher upon request and subject to availability. 
  • Only one stretcher case per flight will be permitted. 
  • You can only book stretchers for economy class. We currently cannot accommodate them in business class or first-class cabins. 
  • A non-disabled adult passenger must accompany the passenger using a stretcher to attend to the passenger's medical needs. 
  • The accompanying adults can book themselves on the same PNR with the passenger on a stretcher or may book a different class and fare if available. 
  • For stretcher travel to and from LHR, additional handling charges of 350 pounds will be applicable.
  • Cancellation charges do not apply when the stretcher request is cancelled 72 hours before departure for international flights and at least 12 hours before for domestic and SAARC sectors.


The MEDIF is an IATA-approved document that lists the information passengers with medical conditions need to share with the airline.
Please note that: 

  • It is mandatory to include the treating physician’s certification and the passenger’s undertaking or declaration at the end of the MEDIF. 
  • The passenger or their representative must sign the MEDIF requesting air travel. 
  • MEDIF must be submitted whenever the passenger wants to use a stretcher since the clearance is valid only for a particular flight and date. 
  • The medical form can be obtained from any Air India office or downloaded from the website. It must be submitted physically along with other supporting documents.