Medical Information Form

Medical Information Form (MEDIF)

The Medical Information Form (MEDIF) is to understand any medical assistance that you may require when travelling with us.

What is the Medical Information Form (MEDIF)?

MEDIF is a document approved by IATA that contains all the information that passengers with medical conditions must provide us. This is a mandatory step that must be completed before your flight with us. It enables us to prepare for your travel and provide you with the necessary care during your journey.

It allows us to understand your current condition, requirements, and any on-ground or in-air assistance that you may need during your flight with us.

Once submitted, the MEDIF will be reviewed by our medical or any other relevant authorities for approval.

We request your cooperation in obtaining travel clearance from our authorities. If you are deemed unfit by them, you will not be allowed to travel. This may be inconvenient, but take it as our commitment to your safety. 

Please fill out the MEDIF if you need assistance for any of the following:

  • A stretcher or an incubator on board the aircraft.
  • Additional oxygen supply on board the aircraft.
  • Extra space for leg elevation.
  • Access to medical equipment/ device/ tubing on the flight when necessary.
  • On-ground or in-flight medical assistance.

Submitting the MEDIF

  • Please submit the MEDIF along with the most recent and relevant documents up to five days before your departure. It will help us prepare all the necessary arrangements for your smooth journey.
  • In certain situations, such as with critical patients, we may require constant monitoring and regulation of vitals. Please communicate this information to our medical team so that they can determine the next course of action.
We understand that:
  • Medical conditions are unpredictable and subject to change. 
  • You may want urgent support and permission for carriage.

Hence, you can either speak to our customer support executive or head to our airport or city ticketing office to help us understand the situation better and help you plan the next step.

You can submit the MEDIF at:

  • The nearest Air India offices or airport ticketing office. 
  • Alternatively, if we do not have an office in your city, you can submit the form under the ‘Health and medical assistance’ in the ‘airport service’ category via our customer support portal.


The procedure for submitting the MEDIF may vary based on your condition and requirements. Please read the relevant subcategory on the medical needs and clearance requirements page for the appropriate procedure.

Refunds and cancellations on medical grounds

For more information regarding refunds and cancellation on medical grounds, you can raise a query using our customer support portal.


We are committed to your well-being and want to ensure you are fit for air travel. Our team will thoroughly vet your condition and determine if you are fit for your journey. If your travel request is denied, you will be informed of the subsequent steps, or you can reach out to our executive using the customer support portal under the ‘Health and medical assistance’ option in the ‘airport service’ category.