Medical Information Form

Medical Information Form (MEDIF)

If you need special medical assistance while you travel with us, we request you complete the Medical Information Form (MEDIF).

What is the Medical Information Form (MEDIF)?

The MEDIF is an IATA-approved document that lists the information passengers with medical conditions need to share with the airline.

MEDIF form allows us to understand better your current condition, requirements, and any kind of on-ground, in-air assistance that the incapacitated guest may need during their/ your flight with us.

This formality is essential and must be completed before your flight with us. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by our medical or other authorities for approval. This allows us to prepare for your travel and provide you with the necessary care.

A few things to remember

  • The MEDIF form submission procedure may vary based on your condition and requirements. So, please read the relevant subcategory on our medical needs and clearance requirements page for the appropriate procedure. 
  • Take it as our commitment to your safety, but you will not be allowed to travel without clearance from our medical authorities. 
  • Remember to send us your MEDIF request at least 14 days before departure. It will help us prepare all the necessary arrangements for your smooth journey.
  • If your health condition is unstable with fluctuating vitals, we request you seek medical clearance within one week of the day of departure.

Please fill out the MEDIF if you need assistance for any of the following

  • A stretcher or an incubator on board the aircraft.
  • Additional oxygen supply on board the aircraft.
  • Extra space for leg elevation.
  • To use medical equipment on the flight.
  • On-ground or in-flight medical assistance.