Meet AI.g, our AI Agent powered by ChatGPT

Introducing our Generative AI virtual agent, AI.g (pronounced ‘AI dot ji’ or simply ‘AI ji’), where technology and travel greet each other to answer all your queries about flying with us.    

What can AI.g do?

Whether it is a quick check on your flight status, confirmation of your baggage allowance, or downloading your boarding pass, AI.g is your travel companion, here to clarify all your travel-related queries.

Features and abilities

So, got a question?  Ask AI.g


AI.g is also on WhatsApp!

We bring our AI agent support to you on WhatsApp to help you with all your travel-related queries. Chat with us on +91 96670 34444 for a smarter flying experience!

Prefer another language?

Start talking to the AI.g in your preferred language, and it will understand and respond in the same tongue. 
AI.g currently supports Hindi, English, French, and German.  
You can switch to other languages anytime by typing in that language. 


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How can we serve you better?

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