Expectant mothers and infants

Mothers-to-be and Infants



We know flying can be a daunting experience if you are pregnant or travelling with a newborn. To ensure you and your unborn child are safe during your travel, it is best to take some precautions before travelling. 

Expectant Mother

Generally, travelling is safe for any expectant mother if there are no complications with the pregnancy. It is best to consult with your gynaecologist before flying to avoid any last-minute worries.  

You can travel till 32 weeks of pregnancy without additional documentation. If the pregnancy has advanced beyond the 32nd week: 

  • If a normal delivery is anticipated, you can travel until the 35th week of pregnancy.
  • You will have to obtain a medical certificate from your obstetrician, which states that you are fit to travel and there are no complications.
  • You will not be allowed to travel after the 32nd week of pregnancy in case of: 
    • Multiple pregnancies, which refers to twins, triplets, etc. 
    • Complicated pregnancy, where the mother has experienced a miscarriage on previous occasions or had a complicated delivery. 

If you are over 35 weeks (about 8 months), we would not be able to let you board, considering your safety. You will be permitted to travel only in case of an emergency after permission from the Executive Director, Medical Services, after filling out the MEDIF form.

In case there is a gap of more than a month between the date of the booking and the departure, you have to get a medical certificate from your obstetrician stating that you are fit to travel and that your pregnancy has no complications. The letter should be issued within 72 hours of departure. 


Children over 7 days and under the age of 2 years on the date of travel, are considered infants and proof of age must be provided at the time of check-in. 

Acceptable proof of age documents for infants: 

  • Birth certificate
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Passport (mandatory for international travel)

If the valid proof of age for the infant is not produced, an adult fare as applicable on the date of booking will be charged and then the infant will be allowed to travel, subject to availability of seats.  

While the minimum age for infants onboard must be 7 days, exceptions can be made for medical reasons. Please ensure you have a medical certificate signed by a paediatrician and prior clearance from Air India’s medical department. Please reach out to our customer support for any queries. 

If you’re travelling with more than one infant under two years of age, every infant must be accompanied by an adult customer aged 18 years or above. The infant must be seated on an adult's lap. No extra seats may be booked for infants. 

For infants, an additional 10 kg/22 lb is allowed as checked-in baggage on all Air India flights. Infants must be booked in the same cabin and fare type as the accompanying adult for all segments or sectors of the journey.