Young Passengers

Travelling as a Young Passenger

 Is your young adult ready to chart their course? We have got their back as they take the lead.

Who is a young passenger?

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 years travelling alone, domestically or internationally with us, are considered young passengers.

Our services

How do I make use of the service?

  • As a parent or a designated guardian, all it takes is a simple request from you. No paperwork hassle is involved. 
  • All your confident traveller needs to do is head to any of the check-in counters and announce themself. We will take it up from there.

Support at the airport and in the air

We know your young traveller is all equipped to figure this out. But we will be trotting behind just to be sure.

  • We will guide them from the departure gate through all the airport formalities until they are comfortably seated in the aircraft.
  • Our skilled cabin crew are different from your ordinary flying attendants. They are experts in the latest trends and ready to engage in conversations while ensuring your child's comfort.
  • Our crew members will guide them to the arrival gate on arrival, ensuring they smoothly navigate through all the airport formalities.

Minors travelling to and from the UK

Minors travelling to the UK

For young travellers under 18 years jetting off without you or a designated guardian, the UK Border Force requires a consent form signed by both parents. Learn more about the latest regulations. 

Minors travelling from the UK

If you are travelling with your young traveller below 18, you must follow a few rules, complete some formalities, and sign a consent form before you travel abroad. 

Before you travel

  • You need to request permission from everyone responsible for the child.
  • If you have yet to receive permission from everyone with parental responsibility for the child, you must seek court permission. Read more about the formalities and procedures. 

When you travel

  • Please fill out and bring the consent form with you. 
  • Carry a valid photo ID of both parents. 
  • You need to carry your child's birth certificate.

Alternatively, you can email the documents mentioned above to

Please ensure that this is done at least four hours before departure.

Minors travelling with guardians

Ensuring your child’s safety is our top priority. So, if you are the guardian or your little one is accompanied by a designated caretaker or relative, you must complete a few formalities before boarding the flight.

Required documents

Here is a list of the required documents that will need to be displayed at the time of boarding the flight:

  • A consent letter that both parents sign.
    If, sadly, one of the parents has passed away, please have a photocopy of the death certificate handy. 
  • We will need a photocopy of the relevant pages from both parents’ passports. 
  • Please remember to have both parents' original passports. They need to be presented to the supervisor at the check-in counter to confirm the authenticity of the signatures on the forms.  
  • If the child's last name differs from the parent's, you must display the young traveller's birth certificate. 
  • If your child is below 18 and is leaving the country, they may have to display additional documents. 

Here are a few things to remember

  • The parent’s signature should match both the passport and the consent forms. 
  • For any other queries or more information, please get in touch with your nearest consulate.