Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowances for Travel between the US and India

We want you to be able to pack all your belongings without having to leave anything behind. We offer ample room for all your baggage. Click here to learn more about our baggage policies.  

Baggage allowances when travelling to or from the US





India USA Two pieces of 50 lb/23 kg each Two pieces of 70 lb/32 kg each 
USA India Two pieces of 50 lb/23 kg each Two pieces of 70 lb/32 kg each 


Charges are applied based on piece concept, weight concept, or excess size.


Additional piece (up to 50 lb/23kg)

Excess weight (up to70 lb/32kg)

Extra size (above 158 cm/62 in 
and up to 203 cm/80 in)

Pieces allowed free 
Pieces in addition to the free allowance 


Oversize baggage fee between India and the US


  • FBA: Free Baggage Allowance 
  • Baggage exceeding 203 cm/80 in can be carried as carry-on baggage if arrangements have been made with the carrier's local office before the journey. Televisions can be included as a part of FBA and as extra pieces and sizes. 



Part of FBA and excess weight up to 70 lb/32 kgUSD 130
Part of FBA and oversize up to 203 cm/80 inUSD 130
Extra pieceUSD 240
Extra piece and excess weight up to 70 lb/32 kg USD 370
Extra piece and excess size up to 203 cm/80 in USD 370
Extra piece and weight up to 70 lb/32 kg and
excess size up to 203 cm/80 in
USD 500
Part of FBA and excess size above
203 cm/80 in
USD 720
Extra piece and excess size above
203 cm/80 in
USD 960

Special services


Air India does not allow pets on nonstop flights between the US and India. Certified service dogs are an exception. Such pets are permitted free of charge for visually or hearing-impaired passengers. 

Unaccompanied minors

An unaccompanied minor is a child between the ages of 5 to 11 years. 

If your child is flying alone or assisted by an assigned caretaker or guardian, the ticket charges are the same as those applicable on an adult ticket.  

Learn more about what to do if your child is travelling alone.  


Between the US and India, the charge for a stretcher is 4.5 times the standard economy class fare. Air India permits the carriage of stretchers in the economy class cabin only. 

Reservations and ticketing

Reservation fee

No extra fee other than the ticket fare is charged when purchasing tickets with us. Online bookings may attract a foreign transaction fee (up to 3%) from your credit card issuer. Air India ticket offices charge no extra fee other than the ticket fare. 

Reservation changes

In case of a change in the date of departure or sector of travel, the additional charges depend on the ticket's purchase cost. The additional charges are usually USD 125 for economy class fares, and free for first and executive class fares.  

Cancellation and no-show penalties

  • Suppose you purchased a ticket more than seven days before the departure date via our website. In that case, no additional charges will be applicable if you cancel the ticket 24 hours before the departure time.
  • If you have purchased a ticket within seven days before the date of departure, applicable fare rules apply. Cancellation penalties depend on the cost of the ticket. Most fares attract a cancellation and no-show Penalty ranging from USD 200 to USD 300.  
  • Some special/ sale fares may be non-refundable.  

Codeshare Flights

For Free Baggage Allowances (FBA), excess baggage charges and optional fees charged by our codeshare partners operating from/to the US, please refer to their websites via the following links.  


Chicago/Denver/Detroit/Los Angeles/Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C. to Frankfurt and vice versa, and Frankfurt-India and vice versa. Click Herefor details of operating carrier Lufthansa. 

Singapore Airlines 

Los Angeles/San Franciso to Singapore Click Herefor details of operating carrier Singapore Airlines 

Carriage of powder-like substances in carry-on baggage on all US-bound flights.

As per mandatory requirement notified by the Transport Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, effective 31 May 2018, carriage of powder-like substances in carry-on baggage by passengers travelling to destinations in the US is subject to the following conditions: 

Powder-like substances are described as fine dry particles produced by grinding, crushing or disintegrating solid substances (for example, flour, sugar, ground coffee, spices, powdered milk (such as baby formula), and cosmetics), including such powders in clumpy, grainy or compressed material forms. 

Permitted carriage of any powder or powder-like substances in carry-on baggage.

Medically prescribed powder-like substances, baby formula, and human remains 12 oz/350 ml or larger may be transported in hand baggage in the aircraft's cabin. If carried in sealed containers, such powders will be inspected by officials for signs of alteration or tampering with the packaging (for example, breaks, cracks, or holes in the wrapping, protective cover, or seal). If carried in containers that are unsealed or have signs of alteration or tampering, it will be inspected to ensure that the contents are consistent with the container. 

Duty-free powder containers inside a properly sealed Secure Tamper Evident Bag (STEB) may be allowed through the checkpoint and transported in an aircraft cabin