Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (Rules) of the Flying Returns programme which explain the nature and scope of the relationship between Flying Returns, the frequent flyer programme of Air India and a Member of the Flying Returns Programme are detailed hereunder. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time. The Terms and Conditions as given on the website www.airindia.com shall be applicable.

1.1 Flying Returns - Frequent Flyer Programme of Air India is a programme envisaged to reward individuals travelling frequently on services of Air India, Star Alliance member airlines, its code share partners and Flying Returns Participating Carriers as may be notified from time to time. This programme is for Individual membership in their personal individual capacity only (and not for organizations, small businesses, SME or travel agents or for commercial identities). Participation in the Programme by an individual (hereinafter called Member) is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which may be changed by Air India from time to time without notice, and shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the member of such Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time.

1.2 The Terms and Conditions affect a member's rights as a member of the Flying Returns Programme. These must be read before a member quotes his / her Flying Returns membership number to Air India or any Programme Partner. Some of the clauses may be related to other clauses, and therefore no clause may be read in isolation. Quoting Flying Returns membership number to Air India or any Programme Partner is considered as an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions set out the contractual relationship between Air India and each individual member of the Flying Returns Programme.

1.4 Definitions In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

a. "Air India" means Air India Limited, having its Registered Office at 113, Gurudwara Rakabganj Road, New Delhi 110001.

b. "Flying Returns", FR is short, means the Air India Frequent Flyer Programme constituted hereunder.

c. FR "Member" means an individual who has applied for membership of the Flying Returns Programme in one’s own personal and individual capacity and who has been, (consequent to Air India’s acceptance of such request,) allotted / issued a Membership Number in his / her name.

d. FR "Membership Number" means the unique 9 digit number assigned to an individual FR member upon .

e. FR "Membership Virtual Card" means the Electronic image of the Membership Card issued to Member of Flying Returns.

f. "Flying Returns Points" means the FR Points earned or accumulated by the Member for travel undertaken on services of Air India, Star Alliance member airlines, its code - share partners and Flying Returns Participating Carriers, as may be notified from time to time on www.airindia.com

g. FR "Tier" or "Club" means higher level of membership of the Flying Returns Programme, by virtue of which, a member gets additional benefits.

h. "Awards" means the rewards, either tickets or upgrades, which can be obtained by a Member by redeeming FR Points earned, as set out on www.airindia.com

i. "Partner FR Points" means the FR Points credited to a Member's Flying Returns Account, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of agreements / alliances / arrangements entered into by Air India for transfer of FR Points from the loyalty programme of such other party (parties) in which the Member is a member or participant; or by accrual of such partner FR Points consequent upon the hire or use of the services of such other party (parties), or the purchase of products from such other party (parties).

j. All Partner FR Points may not count towards determination of the Tier status of the member in the Flying Returns Programme.

k. FR "Bonus FR Points" means the FR Points awarded by Air India over and above the base FR Points earned by a member. Such award of Bonus FR Points is purely at the discretion of Air India and these FR Points do not contribute to the tier status of the member (except the Cabin Bonus for tickets in First Cabin & Business Cabin) and these FR Points appear separately on the statement issued by Air India to its members.

l. FR 'Data' means information personal to a member, which one has provided to air India at time of & KYC process.

m. FR "Member Service Centre" means the service centre set up for the purpose of the administration and management of Flying Returns and receiving & responding to emails sent by Flying returns members to Air India Flying Returns.

n. FR "Call Centre" means the call centre set up for the purpose of receiving phone calls on toll free numbers from Flying Returns members and facilitating the FR Members with enquiries and a host of services including redemptions & upgrades.

o. FR "Membership Kit" means personalized physical FR card, baggage tag and upgrade voucher provided to the member upon attaining one of the three Premium clubs or Tiers of Flying Returns viz. SEC , GEC or TMC.

p. FR "Status FR Points" means the FR Points eligible to be counted for calculation towards club/tier status. These Status FR Points cannot be redeemed or utilized. Status FR Points are sum of Base FR Points and “cabin bonus” FR Points, earned in a period of 365 consecutive days. Partner FR Points or other bonus FR Points are not eligible to be counted towards Status FR Points.

q. 'Loss' means losses, costs, damages, injuries, accidents or claims (whether direct or indirect) suffered by members in connection with the provision of services or Awards.

r. 'Processing' and 'Processed' refers to the obtaining, using, recording and holding, data or requests from members, in electronic or physical form.

s. 'Sector' means a city pair, between which a direct scheduled flight operates with an unchanged flight number.

t. 'Programme Partner' means airline partners (including Star Alliance member airlines, Code Share Partners) and non-airline companies which include but are not limited to financial and insurance institutions, car rental, entertainment, hotel, lifestyle, publishing, retail & telecommunication companies who either provide services to Flying Returns members by reason of their FR membership or provide opportunity to their customers to convert their programme FR Points to FR Points.

u. FR "Award" means an Award ticket issued to a member by Air India or its Programme Partner, on redemption by the member of an appropriate & commensurate portion of that member's FR Points from his / her membership account.

v. RBD means the booking class of a flight, based on the Reservation Booking Designator (RBD). The RBD is the code used in reservation transactions to identify the booking class.

w. 'Qualifying Flight' means an Air India flight or a Partner airline flight, undertaken against the purchase of a revenue ticket, in an RBD, that is eligible for earning of FR Points.

x. 'Qualifying Charges' means the charge or expense incurred by a member for using the service, benefits and facilities of Programme Partners, which is eligible for earning FR Points, as per the decision & rules of the Programme Partners.

y. 'Fraud' includes fraud, dishonesty, deceit in general and the following in particular:

- Knowingly supplying incorrect information, at the time of & KYC as a FR member & booking flights to earn FR Points

- Attempting to earn or claim FR Points for sectors that have not been flown or sectors that are not eligible for FR Points

- Attempting to earn or claim FR Points on Non-Revenue Tickets or for RBD’s that are not eligible for FR Points

- Altering Air India or Partner documents to earn or claim FR Points

- Attempting to earn or claim FR Points for sectors flown by any person other than the member

- Using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets on Air India or Partner Airlines

- Selling, bartering and / or purchasing FR Points or Awards, including attempting to sell FR Awards by means of internet based sales or auctions or as an SME / Travel Agent.

- Purchasing or accepting at a discounted price, Award tickets from travel agents, middlemen and touts or any FR Member.

- Knowingly benefitting from the Fraud or Misconduct of another member or individual.

1.5 FR Membership, privileges & benefits in the Flying Returns Programme, are offered at the discretion of Air India.

1.6 By applying for Membership of Flying Returns hereunder, an applicant agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions (including any changes as advised from time to time and notified on www.airindia.com

1.7 All travel under this Programme shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions incorporated in or by reference to the respective tickets issued by Air India or any other partner airline concerned, as the case may be; along with the timetables / schedules of Air India or any other airline concerned in effect at the time of travel.

1.8 Air India reserves the right to refuse FR Membership to any person without assigning any reason; to suspend and / or to terminate Membership of any person for misuse or abuse of the Membership Card or FR Points or for use not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any breach of these Terms and Conditions or for misuse or abuse of Membership or any Award Tickets.

1.9 Air India reserves the right to terminate the FR Programme or to change the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures(Program Rules), benefits, privileges, conditions of participation or FR Points accumulation structure, Award structure, add an unlimited embargo (blackout) dates and/or flights, or limit the number of award seats available to any or all destinations; the FR Points redemption structure, in whole or in part - at any time, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the FR Points already accumulated. In the event of termination of Flying Returns membership, all FR Points earned or accumulated by the Member may be deemed to be cancelled.

1.10 Air India may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award; increase the FR Points, cash required, applicable co-pays required for any award; modify or regulate the conditions and rules for transferability of awards, benefits & privileges.

1.11 Members, who have accumulated FR Points, may not rely on the continued availability of inventory and seat availability for redemption of award tickets, as this availability is regulated and capacity controlled. Availability of award inventory is dynamic and may not be constant or necessarily open to all destinations or on all flights, at any given time period.

1.12 Save to the extent expressly permitted by applicable Indian law, Air India will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with Flying Returns or from any termination or change as mentioned above. Air India shall likewise not be liable for any omissions or errors that may have occurred in the non-communication of information relating to terms & conditions and rules of Flying Returns, which are reproduced and live on the FR website www.airindia.com

1.13 Air India shall not be liable for any product and service offered or promised by an Air India partner. Air India will not be held liable for any actions or consequences that may arise as a result of using products / services of an Air India partner.

1.14 Air India may assign or deal with these Terms and Conditions in favour of any of its subsidiaries, subcontractors or appointed agents, to carry out any of its obligations herein. Air India shall not be responsible to the member for any delay in performance or non-performance of sub contractors and / or agents due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

1.15 Members are responsible for keeping themselves informed of the current Terms and Conditions of the Flying Returns Programme which are posted on Flying Returns website. Continued participation in the programme by a member will be regarded as acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.

1.16 It is the responsibility of individual members to keep their mailing address up-to-date. Any communication sent to members unique email or registered address will be regarded as delivered when posted or emailed to the mailing address on record. Air India will not be responsible for any delayed, misdirected or lost mail. Any change in the Member's mailing address must be updated online, along with upload of proof of new address for verification.

1.17 Air India reserves the right to interpret, apply and communicate the Terms and Conditions as posted on Flying Returns website. All decisions made by Air India shall be final and conclusive in each case.

1.18 The terms of the Flying returns Programme control an individual membership and personal individual participation in the Program and no covenants of law or in equity shall be implied or incorporated.

1.19 Any failure to follow Flying Returns Programme Terms and Conditions, Air India’s contract of carriage, Air India‘s fare rules, any abuse of the Flying Returns programme privileges, any violation of law, rule or regulation, any conduct detrimental to the interests of Air India, any fraudulent activity or attempted fraudulent activity, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Air India by any member, or anyone else acting on the member’s behalf, may result in the termination by Air India of such member’s membership in addition to the loss or cancellation of accrued FR Points, awards or benefits, or both, or the loss of other programme benefits & privileges. Such terminated members shall not be eligible to participate in any aspect of the Flying Returns programme, and shall not be eligible to enroll with new accounts.

1.20 All questions or disputes arising hereunder shall be determined in accordance with the jurisdiction of laws of India.

2.1 Membership and participation in the Flying Returns Programme is subject to any Programme Terms and Conditions that Air India may at its discretion, adopt from time to time.

2.2 Membership and participation in the Flying Returns Programme may be prohibited or restricted in some countries. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions should be read to override or circumvent any such foreign laws.

2.3 The Flying Returns Program is designed and offered to Air India patrons in their individual capacity. Each individual member can maintain only one FR account with a unique registered email and a unique registered mobile number alongwith full expanded name as in passport, without initials.

2.4 Only one member may be enrolled per Program account. FR account number is non-transferable. After compliance with KYC formalities, only the account holder will be entitled to access member profile and account information which is Air India’s preserve and proprietary information. FR Accounts with duplication of name, email or mobile, shall stand suspended and are liable to be terminated. Bona-fide base FR Points and bonus FR Points, in such duplicate accounts can be transferred & credited to the sole surviving account at the discretion of Air India Flying Returns after due diligence to establish identity. Enrolment & other bonus which is one time activity cannot be availed twice and hence shall not be transferred to the “survivor” account after merger.

2.5 Individuals aged from 2 to less than 12 years can be enrolled as Child Members & Individuals aged 12 years or above can be enrolled as Adult Members. Except where the programme is prohibited by law and each member may maintain only one Flying Returns account. Corporations, organizations, and / or other institutions or entities cannot be enrolled as Members.

2.6 Eligible individuals can enroll themselves in Flying Returns Programme by submitting the application form online with Selfattested KYC documents. An applicant will be regarded as a Member for the purposes hereof on completion of the formalities of enrolment.

2.7 Each member is required to provide and upload on the membership profile- a Government issued valid Photo ID Proof which is a universally accepted “TRAVEL Document” like Passport, along with a proof of current and valid address, (with a certified English translation if not in English), a unique personal (as opposed to official) email id and a unique Mobile phone number – all of which will be linked to the individual membership.

2.8 Air India reserves the right to reject any application for membership. If an application for membership is rejected then any benefit that may have been accrued by the applicant through the use of a membership card will be deemed null and void.

2.9 Members will receive a virtual Flying Returns Membership Card with unique nine digit FFP number upon enrolment after verification of twin OTP sent on the member’s unique email and unique mobile phone number. This online enrolment process defines that the members agrees to & accepts the award and redemption structures as well as the Terms and Conditions of Flying Returns Programme. Besides virtual FR membership card to new & base members, physical card is also issued to Tier Members.

2.10 Each Membership Card and number is strictly personal to the individual to whom it has been issued and is Non - Transferable. Multiple enrolments by a single person are not allowed. In the event that more than one account number is assigned to the same individual (duplicate accounts), Air India reserves the right to merge at a charge or suspend / terminate one or all accounts.

2.11 New FR Members can also Retroactively accrue FR Points for the flight activities performed on Air India only, for upto 12 months prior to the date of enrolment, provided the member was eligible (for e.g. not under 2 years) to be a Flying Returns member when such a flight was undertaken.

2.12 Prospect accounts with missing or incomplete personal details, and Primary active accounts which are not having KYC documents uploaded within 45 days of enrolment or re-registration, will be considered as "KYC pending" accounts and shall be liable to be suspended / terminated.

2.13 Any tax, charge or other liability incurred by any person in the capacity of a member of Flying Returns pertaining to the use of any Award, benefit or privilege, shall be the sole responsibility of the Member and would be debited to the account of the member.

2.14 By applying for Membership to Flying Returns, the Member explicitly authorizes Air India as also Flying Returns Programme partners, to use the data provided to the programme and stored with the programme for marketing or communication purposes for an improved performance of Flying Returns or any other purpose whatsoever, even if unrelated to Flying Returns, as may be decided and deemed fit by Air India.

2.15 If a member does not have at least one flight accrual transaction in his / her Flying Returns account in the preceding 12 months, as on the last day of any given month, then the account shall automatically become "Dormant". If an FR account has been dormant for 2 years (24 consecutive months) then it will expire & Air India shall have the right to cancel / terminate the Member's membership.

2.16 Air India reserves the right to audit any and all Flying Returns accounts at any time to ensure compliance with the Flying Returns Programme Terms and Conditions, without prejudice or notice to the Flying Returns member. During the course of an audit or investigation, the member’s account information may be shared with any third party with whom Air India has contracted to assist in performing such audit or investigation and or law enforcement agencies/ Government Authorities. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or possible violations, Air India may without notice, delay the processing of award redemption requests, cancel any outstanding award redemptions, withhold statements or suspend the Flying Returns account of a member pending completion of the audit. While the account is suspended, the member may continue to accrue FR Points in the account, but no FR Points redemptions or other transactions will be permitted and any outstanding award redemptions will be cancelled. Cancelled award redemptions and unused Upgrade Vouchers must be surrendered to Air India upon Air India’s request. Upon completion of the audit, if a discrepancy or violation has been determined by Air India, in addition to any other remedies described herein above, FR Points may be removed from the account of the member to remedy such discrepancy or violation with or without notice to member.

2.17 Members may cancel their Flying Returns membership at any time by submitting the appropriate written notification and returning the membership card to Air India. At such time any outstanding FR Points, benefits and privileges may be redeemed by the Member.

2.18 Membership will be terminated upon death of the Member. Any legal heir(s) of the deceased FR member, may on such conditions as proof of relationship, production of death certificate, indemnity, etc. As required by Air India, may be either permitted to make redemption from the deceased member's account. All such FR Points have to be redeemed within one year from the date of member's demise. Alternatively if legal heir is the FR member then FR Points can be transferred to the account of the legal heir.

2.19 A Member must quote his / her Unique nine digit membership number and full expanded name as mentioned on his / her Flying Returns membership profile (as reflected on passport) when booking and checking in for flights on Air India, Star Alliance and / or using the services of a programme Partner. If a member fails to provide the required membership information accurately (name and number) while making such booking or availing such services, this may result in the applicable FR Points not being credited to the member's account and Air India, Star Alliance or its Programme Partner willnot be responsible in this regard for the credit of such FR points missing or not credited due to member’s negligence.

2.20 Unique Password with adequate strength (stipulated upon enrolment) is mandatory to log-in to member‘s Flying Returns account, redeem FR Points, update address and passport details. Members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their own password. Air India is not responsible for actions or loss of FR Points arising out of stolen/shared passwords and will not re-credit FR Points redeemed by such use of member’s stolen /shared password.

2.21 Only the individual member is entitled to access account for the purpose of information or redemption & purchase of FR Points pertaining to his own account. Member is required to keep the password confidential. No member is permitted to delegate or grant access (via power of attorney, contract, authority letter or otherwise) to a third party, whether travel agent, secretary or anyone. Reproduction of Account information by the member is subject to copyright and proprietary notices and redistribution in any way shall require authorization from Air India Flying Returns.

2.22 Air India may at any time, without giving notice, - change the Flying Returns Award structure by revising the Flying Returns Points levels required to attain a particular Flying Returns Award, - stipulate a specified period during which Flying Returns Points cannot be redeemed; - limit the number of seats available for the redemption of Flying Returns Points to any or all destinations or on certain specified flights; - alter the number or types of journeys required to obtain a particular Flying Returns Award; - change or withdraw Programme Partners' affiliations; - change the parties from which a Flying Returns Points Award may be obtained / redeemed; - change the length of time after being awarded within which Flying Returns Points must be redeemed; - impose a time limit upon the validity for redemption of any Flying Returns Points issued by Air India or any Programme Partners; - introduce and or review membership fees; and modify the procedures and rules relating to ticketing on redemption of Flying Returns Points or other aspects of the Flying Returns Programme.

2.23 Air India reserves the right to terminate at any time, without giving any notice, throughout the world, or in a specific country, in which Air India is associated with its Programme Partners, the right of any or all members to earn or redeem FR Points.

2.24 Air India shall not be liable for any incidental loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of, or to the Flying Returns Programme or any of the facilities, benefits, privileges or arrangements which are made available to members, including, without limitation, Programme Partners' withdrawal or the withdrawal or limiting of any such services, benefits or facilities.

2.25 Indian laws govern these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any disputes, the appropriate court in New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

2.26 For each FR & membership - a unique email ID and a unique mobile number is required for registration / re- registration.

3.1 FR Points are the base units of credits accorded to the member for his / her transactions with Air India or its partners, in the Flying Returns Programme. Companies with whom members can earn and / or redeem FR Points are known as programme partners and Air India may, at its own discretion, add or remove any company as a programme partner from time to time.

3.2 FR Points will be accrued to a member’s Flying Returns account only for the travel undertaken by self on the flights and RBD’s permitted under the Program.

3.3 FR Points pertaining to a member's transactions will be credited to respective members Flying Returns account. FR Points may not be exchanged for cash.

3.4 Members are required to state their Flying Returns Membership Number at the time of reservation and present their correct 9 digit FR Number, when they use the services of Air India or any Flying Returns Programme partner, to ensure that the Flying Returns Points they earn are credited to their account.

3.5 If the number of FR Points credited to the member account is incorrect, member should inform Flying Returns within three months of receiving their statement.

3.6 A Member will be credited with appropriate number of FR Points for transactions (as specified on www.airindia.com, or as may be notified separately) when the Member completes his / her travel on any flight on Air India, STAR ALLIANCE member airlines, its code share partners and Flying Returns Participating Carriers in RBD specified from time to time or for using products / services of other partners.

3.7 FR Points are credited only after a Member has actually completed travel and not immediately after check-in. Members are not entitled to FR Points for tickets purchased but not flown/used. FR Points will be credited to member’s account onlyfor flights actually flown in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Program in effect at the time of travel and not at the time of reservation or purchase of ticket. FR Points credit will not be awarded for flight cancellations. Air India reserves the right to establish additional means of accruing FR Points, to delete or modify any or all of the means currently recognized or to exclude specific type of transactions or tickets from the accumulation of FR Points, in each case, with or without notice.

3.8 Only certain specified transactions with each individual programme partner will be deemed eligible for FR Points accrual. Individual partners' Terms and Conditions and programme rules apply. FR member can transfer & receive FR Points into ones own FR account from partners associated with the FR program, for partner services availed for self only.

3.9 FR Points earned for flight transactions are as follows:

a) FR Points are awarded for travel in First, Business & Economy Cabins on Air India & on partner airlines in RBD specified from time to time.

b) No FR Points will be earned for travel undertaken on tickets issued under industry discount, agency discount, barter or award tickets, infant fares and other special discount tickets as specified by Air India or airline partners from time to time.

c) Tickets booked in O, I, X, R, P, N and E RBD Class on Air India will not be eligible for accrual of FR Points. If any Air India itinerary has any sectors that are booked in one of these classes, those flight sectors on Air India will be deemed ineligible for FR Points accrual.

d) FR Points can be accrued for air travel against revenue tickets and travel only on scheduled flights. For tickets booked on charter flights, no FR Points will be earned. Individual airline partners may also exclude FR Points accrual on certain flights.

e) To ensure credit of FR Points, the member must make all his bookings in the same name as provided in the Flying Returns membership profile.

f) FR Points can only be earned once per flight for each person, regardless of the number of seats purchased.

g) Base FR Points awarded for travel on a sector are a hybrid of the actual distance travelled, from the airport of departure to the airport of arrival and of the type of class of booking (RBD-Reservation Booking Designator). For connecting flights, which require change to another flight number, the FR Points earned shall be calculated for each sector within the trip.

h) For information on FR Points accrual rates for Air India and all partner airlines, members should refer the online table for accrual levels or call Flying Returns Member Service Centres.

i) In case a Flying Returns member is a member of more than one Star Alliance Partner's loyalty programs, member can choose to receive credit in relation to flight undertaken in only & any one FFP account. The account, in which the member wishes to have his / her activity credited, will remain the same for all the sectors of a particular itinerary, ticket and PNR.

j) In the event of any upgrade of the Member at the airport, (whether paid, against upgrade voucher, against FR points or as a privilege) the FR Points will be credited for the originally booked class of travel in which the Member was ticketed and not for the upgraded class of travel. Cabin Bonus FR Points, if any will be credited according to the RBD of the original booking Business Class Cabin or First Class Cabin and not on any upgrade.

k) In cases of multiple - sector DOMESTIC journeys (where a separate flight coupon is issued for each sector and flight no. is not the same.) credit of FR Points will be the sum of the FR Points of each sector. In cases of International journeys involving domestic travel in India on same or common rated fare, (where a separate flight coupon is issued for each sector and flight number is not the same) credit of FR Points on the domestic leg of the journey will be for an RBD which is the same as the International leg, irrespective of RBD booked for the domestic leg for such a through international journey and ticket.

3.10 Partner FR Points may also be credited to a Members account if, a. The Member is also a member / participant in the loyalty program of another party with whom Air India has any agreement / alliance / arrangement, and such member requires transfer of loyalty FR Points from the loyalty program of such other party to Flying Returns, makes appropriate request to the party and such party transfers such FR Points to FlyingReturns b. Consequent upon the hire or use of the services of another party with whom Air India has agreements / alliances / arrangements for accrual of FR Points. In all cases, credit of partner FR Points will be subject to the terms of the agreement / alliance / arrangement between Air India and such other party. The relevant Terms and Conditions of such agreements / alliances / arrangements will be available on the website of respective partner who will separately communicate it to the Members.

3.11 Some programme partners may disallow certain categories of their members from transferring FR Points earned in their programme to their Flying Returns account.

3.12 Air India may debit the account of a Member for FR Points if credited incorrectly and inform the Member accordingly.

3.13 No FR Points will be credited in respect of flights undertaken on redemption of Awards under Flying Returns.

3.14 FR Points can only be accrued for flight and non-flight transactions carried out by an individual Flying Returns member, regardless of who pays for the ticket or transaction.

3.15 Members must travel or use the products and services offered by the programme partners to receive accrual credit. For unused tickets, unconsumed products or returned products and services, no credit will be received.

3.16 Members are only eligible for credit with one frequent flyer programme for each flight or transaction. Where a member attempts to accrue FR Points or credits or attempts Retroactive credit with more than one Star Loyalty programme for the same flight or transaction, the FR Points or credits awarded for the flight or transaction, in part or full, may be forfeited & member blacklisted.

3.17 In the event of FR Points not appearing in a member's Flying Returns Account, after waiting for 2 weeks, the member may request that the FR Points be retroactively credited to his / her Flying Returns account. Such requests must be made online, within a period of six months for Star Partners & twelve months for Air India, after undertaking the flight or transaction concerned. This can be done online by the member by logging-in to his FR account and avail option Retro Claim at www.airindia.com

3.18 Members should allow two weeks for manual retro claim on Air India and four weeks for retro claim on Flying Returns partner airline flights and six to eight weeks for FR Points earned with Flying Returns non-airline partners, to appear in their account before raising a claim for missing FR Points.

3.19 Retroactive FR Points claims that are made by New FR Members for flights undertaken prior to enrolment in Flying Returns, are only valid for Air India flights and should have taken place not earlier than 12 months prior to date of enrolment.

3.20 For enquiries regarding FR Points transferred from a non-airline partner'sprogramme to Flying Returns, members should check with their respective non-airline partner's office where the original transfer request was made. FR Points can be transferred from a non-airline partner programme to member's Flying Returns account; however, this action cannot be reversed.

3.21 All partner FR Points once transferred and credited into the account will be treated as normal Flying Returns Points for the purpose of redemptions. None of the partner FR Points may not qualify as Tier or Status FR Points.

3.22 Air India may at any time, alter or amend the validity period – shelf life of Partner Bonus FR Points, which are accrued for non-flight activity or credit card transactions and subsequently converted and transferred to members account as FR Points.

3.23 A Member may also be credited with FR Points on specific flights in specific classes of Alliance and code-share partners as may be notified from time to time. Accruals on flights of Alliance and code-share partners may also be withdrawn at any time. Members must ascertain that a flight of an Alliance or code-share partner, which they wish to travel on, qualifies for accrual of FR Points at the time they wish to travel.

3.24 It is expressly agreed and understood that the onus of proving due completion of travel to qualify for accrual & credit of FR Points shall rest solely with the Member. Air India will, in most cases credit its members’ accounts with accrued FR Points. However, it is each members responsibility to ensure that FR Points are properly credited. Where a membercontends that FR Points have been earned but not credited, or in cases where Air India deems verification is required, Air India reserves the right to insist upon identity proof & validation or certification of flight activity or partner transaction, from the member, including but not limited to copies of ticket, boarding pass for flights claimed to have been flown or copies of receipts or similar documentation verifying any transactions claimed to have been performed.

3.25 FR Points credited in a member’s account shall be maintained in the account until it is redeemed or until the FR Points expires or the account is archived/ expired /terminated, whichever occurs first. FR Points are valid for use and redemption only for 36months plus the month of travel, after which they will lapse on the last day of 36thmonth.

3.26 FR Points accumulated by the Member must be redeemed during the validity of the membership, subject to the other terms hereof, failing which FR Points will automatically lapse.

3.27 Flying Returns Points that have already expired can be extended, by paying 60 paise per FR Point for a limited period, specified & notified by Air India, from time to time, either by emailer to FR members or by member communication on the FR website.

3.28 Transfer of FR Points from a member's Flying Returns account to another account in a different frequent flyer programme, and vice versa, is not allowed. Transfer of FR Points from one member's account to another member's accountis also not permitted.

3.29 FR Points accrued, Upgrade certificates and privileges neither constitute property of the member nor are transferable other than as specified & permitted by Flying Returns rules of Air India.

3.30 The accumulation of FR Points does not entitle FR members to any vested rights with respect to any awards. Award tickets for air travel shall be valid to destinations served both at the time of issuance of award ticket and at the time of departure and neither Air India nor its partners shall be liable for any schedule changes that result in the cancellation of service to any destination, subsequent to booking of the award travel.

3.31 Travel on tickets issued against FR Points, combination of FR Points and money, travel industry discounts, will not qualify for accrual of FR Points to FR member account. In addition some fares or tickets, including those sold over the internet, at the discretion of Air India may be excluded from the eligibility for accrual of FR Points.

4.1 The awards offered in Flying Returns consist of award tickets, upgrade awards and other redemption options as defined by Air India from time to time.

4.2 Travel on Flying Returns award tickets is subject to the tariff, contract of carriage, ticket terms, and re-accommodation policies of the carrier on which the travel is scheduled.

4.3 FR Points may be redeemed for award tickets for self, family member or friend subject to the status of the account. Such award tickets can be issued by the member himself, by logging into his/her FR account via use of password through website www.airindia.com or through Air India City booking offices or by making a call to Air India 24 X 7 call centre on 1860- 233-1407, but only from the mobile number registered in the member’s account, and clearing other security measures that Air India has in place at the time of the request for redemption. Award tickets cannot be issued by travel agents or sold fora consideration.

4.4 FR Points transferred from partners are not negotiable or redeemable for cash or in any manner other than as provided in these Terms and Conditions.

4.5 FR Points must be valid when an award ticket is issued. For this reason, members should ensure that ticketing takes place before the FR Points expire. Members must ensure that they have sufficient FR Points in their accounts before an award ticket is issued.

4.6 Award ticket for child or infant requires the same number of FR Points as that of Adult.

4.7 Tickets for all award travel will only be issued for a confirmed reservation. Open-dated award tickets are not permitted to be issued.

4.8 All FR Points required for an award ticket must be earned by the same member under the same account number. Except for members of a Registered “Family Pool”, FR Points earned in FR accounts of two or more different individual accounts shall not be combined to redeem any award.

4.9 Member can also purchase FR Points for a fee as decided by Air India time to time (currently Rupees 1.25 per FR Point) subject to a maximum of 50 percent of the balance FR Points in the member account.

4.10 Upon cancellation of the award ticket

  • Booked by the HOF (Head Of The Family) for self/others who is a part of the family pool, then all the FR Points shall be credited to the HOF (Head Of The Family) account. 
  • Booked by the Sub-Member for self/others who is a part of the family pool, using the FR Points in his /her account, the FR Points shall be credited to his/her account. 
  • If Sub-Member reinstates the expired points then the FR Points shall be credited as per the selected split ratio of the family pool.
  • When the Sub-Member requests for a top-up of FR Points then the points shall be credited as per the selected split ratio of the family pool.

4.11 Travel on Flying Returns award tickets is subject to capacity controls. This may limit the number of seats available for award travel on particular flights. Award seats may not be available on all flights or in all classes. In addition, some partners may impose blackout periods when award redemption is not permitted.

4.12 All Awards are subject to certain embargo dates and / or embargo flights as indicated in the www.airindia.com, read with the notifications in that behalf issued from time to time. Members should take note of the periods during which and / or flights on which Awards cannot be availed of.

4.13 Award Tickets on Air India's flights are issued in special RBD booking classes. When making a seat reservation, Members should ensure that they indicate travel against an Award Ticket, and specify the class of travel required, i.e. First = O, Executive = I, Economy = X, so that Members are booked in the appropriate class. Failure to do so may result in the reservation being invalid.

4.14 Flying Returns award tickets are subject to levy of applicable non-airline, departure/ arrival taxes, passenger facility charges and other fees, charges or taxes, and the person utilizing the award ticket is responsible for the payment of any such charge that may be applicable. Any tax, charge or other liability incurred by the Member as a result of use of any award or upgrade vouchers or other benefits shall be the sole responsibility of the Member. For Air India / STAR Alliance flights members shall pay the applicable taxes and surcharges.

4.15 Passengers travelling on award tickets with a confirmed reservation who fail to show up for the flight will be considered a no-show and the award ticket and FR Points used therein shall stand forfeited.

4.16 Passengers holding award tickets with a confirmed reservation, who wish to refund & reverse the award ticket, shall be able to do so after levy of a penalty equal to 20% deduction of the FR Points utilized for the award ticket, upto 3 days before the date of departure.

4.17 Passengers holding award tickets with a confirmed reservation, who wish to change the date of travel against the award ticket, shall be able to do so after levy of a monetary penalty as specified by Air India. The charge for date change is permitted upto 3 days prior scheduled departure of ticketed flight with a monetary penalty calculated for Domestic sectors@ 20% of the current standard quantum of Economy cabin(RBD X) redemption points converted @1point=1INR and for International sectors @ 10% of the current standard quantum of Economy cabin(RBD X) redemption points converted @1point=1INR will be applicable. Once an option for change of date is availed, the ticket cannot be submitted for refund subsequently. These rates are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Air India.

4.18 FR Points of completely unused award tickets may be re-credited after deduction of 20% penalty, provided the FR Points and the ticket are valid at the time of request for re-credit. Any non-airline taxes, paid will be refunded.

4.19 In the event of a flight disruption, passengers travelling on award tickets, - On Air India flights, will be re-routed or rebooked in next available Air India flight to the final destination or permitted a gratis date change for future travel on same sector. - On Star Partner flights, will be re-routed or rebooked in next available Star Partner flight in eligible RBD to the final destination or permitted a gratis date change for future travel on same sector. - Award Tickets are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Award Tickets cannot and will not be endorsed to any other airline.

4.20 Redemption may be requested for any cabin class of service available on the sector. Should the cabin class of service on which redemption is sought, be withdrawn after ticketing, or travel on redemption Award Ticket be involuntarily performed in a lower class, the difference in redemption requirement (by cabin class) will be credited back into the Member's Flying Returns account.

4.21 Award Tickets can be availed for one-way trips, for both international and domestic travel.

4.22 Award Tickets for any domestic / international travel will be valid for one year from the date of issue of the ticket.

4.23 All sectors of travel on an Award Ticket must be confirmed.

4.24 Partly utilized Award Tickets are non-refundable. In case of a partly utilized Award ticket, after the deduction of the points of the utilized sectors of the tickets, the unutilized sector can be used for rebooking, as per terms and conditions applicable to normal award tickets.

4.25 Industry discount, agency discount, barter or award tickets are not eligible for upgrade awards redemption (neither on Ai nor on Star).

4.26 Upgrade awards are subject to the rules of purchased tickets. For upgrade award ticket redemption, a copy of the purchased revenue ticket or passenger receipt is required for verification and reissue.

4.27 When a member claims an award in a class of service that is available on only certain sectors of a one way trip, a lower class of service may be substituted by Air India or its partners for one or more sectors of the one way trip. The award redemption level for the entire trip shall be determined according to the highest class of service flown.

4.28 Redemption Awards are subject to periodic embargoes on specific sectors and / or flights as may be decided by Air India or the Alliance Partner from time to time. Redemption of FR points is not permitted on Air India Subsidiaries (Air India Express/ Alliance Air ) or Code Share flights.

4.29 Award Tickets issued on Redemption cannot be sold or exchanged. In the event of any misuse of Award Tickets, Air India reserves the right to block, cancel, suspend or withdraw such Award Tickets.

4.30 A passenger's use of an award is subject to the Terms and Conditions set by both the issuing airline and the airline providing the carriage.

4.31 All carriage on and all tickets issued on behalf of an airline are subject to the normal rules outlined in each airline's Conditions of Carriage, copies of which may be obtained directly from the airline.

4.32 Awards for travel will only be issued to and from destinations served by Air India and / or Airline Partners designated at the time the award ticket is issued and also at the time the award ticket is scheduled to be used.

4.33 Obtaining all relevant documentation (Visa, travel permits, etc.), as required for the intended award travel, is the responsibility of the member. If not available, Air India or its partner, will not be liable for refusal of entry into any destination by local authorities and cost of deportation if any will be debited to the members account.

4.34 Award tickets have no monetary refund value.

4.35 All award tickets shall be issued as e-tickets.

4.36 Reservations requests made to call centre, which are not ticketed within the specified time limit will be automatically cancelled.

4.37 Partner Award requests for International travel must be requested at Air India booking office or Air India call centre, subject to seat availability in the specified & eligible RBD. Reservations not ticketed within the specified time limit will be cancelled.

4.38 Partner Awards will only be issued to and from destinations served by Star Alliance Partner Airlines.

4.39 Air India shall have no liability for partner withdrawals from the program or for changes/cancellations of award for any reason.

4.40 Air India may change the amount of FR Points required for partner awards or impose other restrictions upon the use of partner offers or awards, with or without notice.

4.41 Routing and destinations for award travel on airline partners are determined by our individual airlines partners.

4.42 The award rules are subject to modifications, cancellations or limitation at Air India’s discretion, with or without notice. FR Points required to redeem any award ticket may be increased, restrictions on any award or its redemption may be imposed or award may be withdrawn at any time.

4.43 Award Travel for children between ages of 2 and 12 years.

- Flying Returns members are not permitted to redeem award tickets for "unaccompanied minors" who are beneficiary passenger, between 2 and 12 years of age who are travelling alone without an adult passenger for the entire routing. Airport staff will not accept any signed copy of the Unaccompanied Minors Assistance and Handling form, completed by a parents or guardians, as is applicable for paid revenue tickets.

- Children between 2 and 12 years of age, can travel on award tickets when accompanied by an adult.

- Updates / changes to members' bookings will be sent via email. Members are to ensure that their email addresses are valid before carrying out online redemption bookings.

5.1 Upgrades are available to the next higher class of service. Double class upgrades are not permitted.

5.2 FR Points earned for travel using an upgrade award will be based on the original class of service purchased.

5.3 All award FR Points/charts for upgrades are based on segments.

5.4 Upgrades are available only on Air India and the Star Alliance Partner airlines as notified on website www.airindia.com

6.1 Air India reserves the right to uptier / downtier of membership based on the qualifying criteria. On uptiering / downtiering the member will be able to use his membership card till he / she receives a new membership card. Member will be able to avail privileges according to his / her new tier eligibility.

6.2 Air India shall reserve the right to re-evaluate / termination of the Club in the event of merger / acquisition or any other reason thereof at any FR Point of time. Air India reserves the right to refuse membership to any person without assigning any reason or to terminate membership of any person for misuse or abuse of the membership card or for use thereof not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or any breach of these Terms And Conditions or any award ticket. The Station Managers / Duty Managers have the authority to decline the member's request for club privileges if so required for operational or any other reasons.

6.3 All information, routing, available destinations and FR Points are subject to change without notice. The issuance of award tickets may be limited to availability.

6.4 Member's Personal data may be used and exchanged by Air India with partners for the proper performance of the Club. Furthermore, in order to enable Air India or their partners to offer products and services, as well as for their direct marketing or communication purposes, information concerning member and his/her Club participation may be transmitted confidentially between Air India and their Partners for their sole usage. If the members do not want to receive offers from Air India or their Partners, the member may notify the Member Service Centre in writing.

6.5 Redemption awards, upgrade certificates, privileges or benefits accrued or extended or granted to an individual member in accordance with the Program rules, Cannot be SOLD for a consideration or BARTERED. Gratis Transfer or Gift can be assigned or done in accordance with Program rules, duly authorized by member, sans any consideration monetary or in kind.Any instance of sale or purchase or barter or auction OR attempt to sell or purchase or barter or auction any of the Flying Returns privileges like Redemption Award tickets, Upgrade Certificates or benefits, in any manner is prohibited. If such an instance is detected, it will not only attract penalties to the member but also “black-listing” and/or debarring of the member in addition to suspension and termination of the FR account accompanied by confiscation of ALL FR Points, upgrade certificates, award tickets & benefits of both FR accounts, that of the “donor” Member Account and the unauthorized “recipient” traveller, if he/she is having an account with Flying Returns. Travel shall be prevented on award tickets that have already been purchased, or acquired thru barter or by unauthorized conduct in violation of Program Rules by denial of boarding to such an unauthorized traveller who may be permitted to travel on payment of applicable fare for the sector- at the discretion of Air India.

6.6 Any change in mailing address, to be updated by the club member. Air India would not be responsible for non-delivery of any communication, in such cases.

6.7 All club cards, even after their issuance, remain the property of Air India and must be returned upon termination of membership or destroyed by cutting into four pieces across signature panel.

6.8 Updating and amendments on earning of FR Points or rewards, Terms and Conditions and procedures are notified on website www.airindia.com from time to time. Members are responsible for keeping themselves informed of all notifications on the Club which are posted on website www.airindia.com

6.9 Participation to the membership in club is subject to the Terms And Conditions, which may be changed by Air India from time to time, with out notice and shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the member of such conditions as amended from time to time. These include FR Points accumulation structure, airline and non airline partners, upgrade vouchers, award structure, additional baggage allowance, the FR point age FR Points redemption structure, bonus, benefits and privileges.

6.10 Any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi. The existence of any dispute shall not, by itself, constitute any claim against Air India.

6.11 Member may check the benefits and privileges of respective clubs as specified on website www.airindia.com

6.12 Lounge Access will be offered at the airports, wherever available as per eligibility of club members.

- Flying Returns The Maharajah Club and Golden Edge Club Members only are eligible to access the lounge

- Flying Returns The Maharajah Club & Golden Edge Members can invite one accompanying guest each to the lounge

- Lounge access will be offered at the departure airport, wherever available, when flying on Air India marketed and operated flights

- Guest accessing Lounge with Flying Returns The Maharajah Club& Golden Edge Member must be travelling on an Air India / Star Alliance Partner airlines flight same day from the same airport

- For in-transit Flying Returns Members, the lounge access will be offered only if the onward journey is on an Air India marketed and operated flight

- At select international airports, Flying Returns The Maharajah Club and Golden Edge Club Members can access lounge, at the time of departure or while in transit to board an Air India flight.

7.1 Members shall receive a monthly statement of FR Points accrued and redeemed through e-mails.

7.2 Members who do not have any accrual, redemption or bonus activity in a particular calendar month may be excluded from the list of members receiving monthly statements, emails, expiry alerts and notifications of program updates or special promotions- sent out at the end of the month or beginning of next month. Member can however access same on the FR website.

7.3 Partner FR Points credited will be separately shown in the FR Points Statement.

7.4 Air India reserves the right to determine the number of mailings of FR Points statements.

7.5 Members may track their FR Points accruals and redemptions by logging on the website www.airindia.com

7.6 FR Points due for lapsing and FR Points already lapsed will also be displayed in the FR Points statement.

7.7 Air India shall advise & update active members through it’s “Flying Returns” website www.airindia.com and by email, on the unique registered email ID, their monthly account statement, update notification and newsletters. However Air Indiashall have no liability for any failure to do so. Air India shall not be responsible for correspondence, vouchers, cards or kits, lost or delayed in the mail. Each member shall be responsible for advising Air India Member Service Centre and updating the individual Flying Returns account profile- any change of personal details or address. Air India stands absolved of any liability for “Return to Sender” or misdirected mail or any consequences thereof. Before providing an email ID, the member is expected to ensure that it is not from an official or organizational server that prevents or restricts incoming email from Flying Returns as spam. Member should also enable the “receive email” option in profile. 

8.1 Base membership will not be expired, provided there is at least one flight accrual transaction in members account within 36 months of previous accrual transaction.

8.2 Base membership once expired will not be renewed and members will have to enroll as fresh members. Newmembership number will be provided to the members.

9.1 Without prejudice to what is stated above, Members shall be responsible for payment of airport taxes, security, insurance surcharges (as applicable) and all other fees, taxes, surcharge or charges levied by whatsoever authority in respect of the requested Travel / other Awards.

9.2 Validity of expired award tickets will not be extended under any circumstances.

9.3 Members agree to be liable for all transactions made pursuant to the use of the web account log in Password with or without the member's knowledge or consent. Members acknowledge that Air India is under no obligation or duty to verify the authenticity of any person who per forms transactions through the use of a valid Password.

9.4 The privilege of Upgrade Voucher Certificate for Air India flights and the Redemption of Awards on Air India and Star Partners are subject to program Rules specified by Air India. Every member utilizing these privileges is expected to and responsible for being aware of and comply with the Program rules pertaining to the member’s rights and responsibilities.

9.5 If Air India or Star Alliance Partner improperly denies a member an accrual or benefit, the liability will be limited to the equivalent of that accrual or benefit.

9.6 Air India reserves the right to make promotional offers and Bonus FR Points by Air India or FR Program Partners selectively available to certain members at any time, based on flight activity, geographic locations, program participation, or other factors that may be determined at the sole discretion of Air India.

9.7 Air India reserves the right to levy a service charge for each change requested by the member that may or may not necessitate re-issuance of award ticket. Charges may be levied for any adjustment or cancellation of redemption request and or award ticket.

9.8 Air India will not be held liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred by the member however caused, through any unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized use of their web account log in Password.

9.9 All communications shall be addressed to the Flying Returns Member Service Centres mentioned on the website: www.airindia.com

9.10 Each member is expected to and shall keep abreast and be aware of the Flying Returns programme terms and conditions, Accrual / Redemption levels and conditions, the balance of various types of FR Points in member’s own account. The most current Program Rules may be found on www.airindia.com and this is the final authority on the Program Rules.

10.1 On becoming a Member, a member consents to the following:

a) the processing of his data by Air India or any Flying Returns partner;

b) the supply of his data to other departments and associated companies;

c) the transfer of his data to other countries;

d) and the supply of his data to immigration and customs authorities;

e) the Flying Returns Member by subscribing to the programme agrees to receive communication being sent by Air India or its subsidiaries by email, post, SMS or telephone.

In case a member chooses not to receive the communication, he should inform the Member Service Centre in writing.

10.2 This data may be in respect of information that the member has provided Air India on applying for membership, services the member may have received, or travel arrangements the member may have made with Air India.

10.3 In addition, data processing may also include the processing of "sensitive" information, e.g. racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or medical condition.

10.4 If the member does not consent to the processing of his data as set out in these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, then he should contact Air India and inform them.

10.5 All data to be kept by Air India is considered to be confidential information and will not be released unless it is used for the above purpose.

10.6 Air India reserves the right to refuse access to personal data to any person claiming to be a member when Air India is uncertain of the person's identity or authority.

10.7 By participating in the Program, members authorize Air India to collect, maintain , use and share their information, including, without limitation, names, addresses, account and other information in accordance with Air India’s Privacy Policy. Air India’s Privacy Policy is merely a statement of administrative protocol; it is not a contract, nor is it made, or intended to be made, a part of these Program Rules, nor does it create any contractual or legal rights. 

11.1 Membership enrolment and eligibility, earning FR Points, award travel, availability of awards and redemption are subject to the terms and conditions of the Flying Returns Programme and are subject to any applicable laws and regulations, including applicable IATA regulations.

11.2 Air India may change, add, modify or withdraw at any time without giving notice such Terms And Conditions as well as any benefits provided in connection with the Flying Returns Programme and any special offers or promotional offers made to any tier or group of members.

12.1 Air India and / or Programme Partners shall not be liable to any member or his / her nominee or companion, for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense of any kind whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the Flying Returns Programme and / or the provision or the refusal to provide any benefits, whether such loss, damage or expense is caused by the negligence or otherwise, and whether Air India and / or its Programme Partners have any control over the circumstances giving rise to the claim or not.

12.2 To the extent permissible by local law or regulation, these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian law. Air India and each member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts to resolve any disputes that may arise out of them.

12.3 Flying Returns information on www.airindia.com and through newsletters: Flying Returns regularly reviews and updates the information on its web pages. Despite its best endeavours, it is possible that some of the information could meanwhile have become outdated. Flying Returns therefore, cannot accept any responsibility for or guarantee that the information provided is up-to-date, correct and complete. Apart from this, the Flying Returns Terms And Conditions apply.

12.4 Any e-communication from Air India or Flying Returns is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and / or privileged information. If you have received the message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the message from your system. Any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the message is strictly prohibited, and if done, will result in strict legal action. The message is not guaranteed to be complete or error free. No liability is assumed for any errors and / or omissions in the contents of this message. Reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure that the message is virus-free. However, Air India Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this message or attachments. All the information contained here is correct and current at the time of publication and is subject to change without prior notice.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the brochure is subject to change from time to time. The current information is displayed on website www.airindia.com. In case of any difference, the information displayed on the website shall apply. Although this guide has been with utmost care, the publisher is not liable in any way whatsoever for errors or inaccuracies. For more details please visit us on www.airindia.com and www.airindia.com