Tips for First-Time Flyers

When on your Maiden Flight

Taking to the skies for your first flight? For you, we will go the extra mile. 

Our checklist is designed to guide you from booking your first flight with us to the next one, always keeping you as our top priority.

Before you travel


Travelling worry-free begins with having the proper documents.

The essential documents that you will need are:  

  • The boarding pass or copy of your ticket (e-ticket)
  • A valid photo ID  

However, the required documents may vary depending on other factors, including:

  • Type of travel, i.e., international or domestic  
  • Destination  
  • Other considerations include medical assistance, expectant mothers, concessionary fare, unaccompanied minors, young travellers and more.  

Please explore the respective sections on our website to ensure you have all the documents you need.

Name format policy when booking your flight

Please provide your full name exactly as it appears on the valid identification proof that you will present at the time of entry into the airport, check-in, immigration, or boarding.

  • For Indian domestic passengers, the name on your booking should match the name on your Aadhaar card or other acceptable identification.
  • For international passengers, use your full name (complete first name, middle name if applicable, and last name) as shown in your passport.

If your name on the identification proof does not match the name provided in the booking, you will not be permitted to enter the airport or board the flight.

If you don't have a first name or last name or would like to understand the name format policy for different countries, please follow these instructions to complete your booking successfully.

Manage your booking  

Unlock the power of your booking! Head to the manage booking section to customise your travel experience with preferred seat selection, dining options, and upgrades.


Skip the long queue at the airport and check-in to your flight from the comfort of your home.

Packing your bags

“Am I allowed to bring my mom's homemade pickles?”  

“I’m worried about overpacking with all these souvenirs. Can I still bring them all?”  

“I can already hear the excitement of the stadium when I hit my winning six! But can I bring my cricket kit on the flight?”

The answer to all these questions is “yes!”

However, we have some regulations to ensure a safe travel experience. For more detailed information regarding our baggage policies, click here.

Other conditions

We prioritise the well-being of every passenger. Whether you require medical assistance, are an expectant mother, or your child is travelling alone, we have dedicated services to support you every step of your journey.  

For more information, please visit the respective sections on the website.   

On the day of travel

Flight status  

We suggest you confirm your flight status before you head to the airport, as this helps save time and avoid any unexpected delays. 

Tips and reminders on the day of travel

We have curated a list of last-minute tips and reminders for a hassle-free travel experience.  

Cancellations, refunds, and reschedule

Unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we have got you covered:

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, please visit the manage booking page on our website.  
  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, we need to cancel your flight, and if you want to book another flight, reschedule, or request a refund for the flight we have booked for you, you can try the self-service re-accommodation option. Learn More about our refund policy.

At the airport

We have broken down your airport to-do's into four easy steps:

  1. Arrive at the airport.
  2. Check-in and drop off your baggage 
  3. Clear security and immigration (only for international flights) 
  4. Head to the departure gate

Believe us, it’s simpler than you can imagine. Our dedicated staff and clear signage ensure a smooth journey without any hassles.  

But there is more to airports than travel - why not explore shops, restaurants, lounges, and other facilities curated with your comfort in mind?  

In the air

Now is the time to sit back, relax and feel at home in the clouds. 

Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with a curated selection of movies and shows while savouring delectable meals and sipping refreshing beverages. Our dedicated staff will cater to your every need when you fly with us.

On landing  

Exiting the terminal and onward journey

  • Upon arrival, proceed to the designated baggage carousel to retrieve your belongings.   
  • If you encounter any issues, such as damaged baggage or missing items, please get in touch with us for further assistance. Alternatively, you can head to the baggage resolution counters at the airport.   
  • Clear signage at the airport will guide you smoothly out of the terminal.  
  • To enhance your post-travel experience, we have compiled information about the airports we operate from and the connectivity between the airport and the city. Discover more and plan the next leg of your journey.

Are you travelling through multiple airports?

We have all the information for you if you have an onward flight.

After your flight

Never a goodbye, always a hello again with us!

So, if you want to earn more rewards, upgrade your flying experience, and be a priority member, join Flying Returns, our loyalty programme. Unique perks and benefits await you.