Domestic Check-in

Domestic Check-in

We provide a range of facilities to make your travel easy and comfortable as part of our domestic on-ground services. Whether you need help with web check-in or assistance dealing with a transit-related issue, our dedicated staff are on hand to help.

Web check-In

Check in online, select your seat and print the boarding pass from your home or office. If you have baggage to deposit, we recommend reporting sufficiently in advance before check-in closure at airports.

Kiosk check-In

Self-service check-in kiosks are available at some airports to enable self-check-in and obtain a boarding pass. This facility is presently available purely for domestic flights. If you have baggage to deposit, please contact our check-in agent before check-in closure at the airport. 

City check-In

City Booking Offices in select metro cities offer city check-in facilities to passengers holding confirmed bookings and travelling with hand baggage only.

The city check-in facility/baggage drop at some Airport Metro Express Line locations has also been introduced in Delhi.

Mobile check-In

You can download the Air India app from App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android), and check-in for your flight (domestic and international) and choose the seat of your choice. You can also go through the timetable information and access our contact centre information. Mobile check-in is not permitted on codeshare flights. You can collect your boarding pass printout from our check-in counters at the airport.

Check in counter closure timing at Indian airports

For domestic flights, the check-in counters close 60 minutes before departure. Counters for flights (both domestic and international) operating from the international terminal close 60 minutes before departure of the flight. Boarding gates will close 20 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. 

Upgrade at the airport

If you want to upgrade your flight, opt for our ‘Get Upfront Offer’. You can enjoy a luxurious and premium Air India flying experience for a price. 

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