International Check-in

Our International Check-in Procedures

While flying internationally, use our seamless check-in facilities to avoid the last-minute rush. Not only does it make your journey smoother and more comfortable, but it also ensures you say goodbye to long queues for good!  

Web check-in  

You can check in for your flight on the Air India website from anywhere in the world, Check in online

The web check-in facility opens 48 hours before your flight and closes two hours before departure. Please note that the web check-in facility is not available for codeshare flights as of now.  

International passengers are issued a confirmation slip on completing the web check-in. They can get their boarding passes only after presenting the slip at dedicated counters at the airport and completing the check-in formalities. You can drop your baggage, if any, at the counter and collect registered baggage tags following the document verification before heading for the security check.  

City check-in facility for international travellers  

Flying out of New Delhi? You can now save yourself the trouble of dealing with burdensome luggage by using our city check-in facility. International passengers flying with us can now complete city check-in formalities at the following metro stations: 

  • New Delhi    
  • Shivaji Stadium  

You can visit the Air India counter at these locations for flight information, ticketing, or excess baggage.  

Services offered 

  • Check in and get a boarding pass if you have checked-in baggage. 
  • Option to pay for excess baggage in advance. 
  • Pay upfront for flight upgrades at the premium class counters in row F of terminal 3. 
  • Pay for advance seat reservation and choose your preferred seat. 
  • Buy tickets at the cost equivalent to Rajdhani Express II AC fares. These are made available by Air India four hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • Enjoy spot fare discounts introduced to various other sectors four hours before scheduled departure.
  • The check-in facility at these locations (with or without baggage) stays open for 12 hours before scheduled departure and closes two hours before departure. 
  • If you want to step out into the city for last-minute shopping after completing check-in and getting a boarding pass, you can use the metro (airport express line) to reach terminal 3 well in time.
  • If you have checked in using the website, you can drop your baggage at either of the city check-in stations in your convenience and reach the airport. 
  • Group travellers can check in 12 hours before their scheduled departure.
  • Travellers waitlisted on Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi, Duranto Express and any other super-fast/mail/express trains of the Indian Railways can buy Air India flight tickets at prices equivalent to II AC Rajdhani Express fares at New Delhi Airport Express Metro Station. 
  • Travellers holding confirmed Air India tickets (including frequent flyer ‘Award’ tickets, cooperate house ‘Award’ tickets, or complimentary tickets earned through various promotional offers) can check in at the locations. 
  • Dignitaries that need to clear government protocol for checking in can complete their basic check-in formalities at the metro stations.
  • Check-in counters at the metro stations remain open from 04:00 to 23:30 hours throughout the year.

Tickets issued by the Government of India and those issued to the corporate sector would also be facilitated at the city check-in station by completing the check-in formalities 12 hours before the departure. This facility is being offered to our valued guests jointly by Air India and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation with active support from Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) and Central Industrial Security Office (CISF) officials.   

Upfront upgrade  

Our upfront upgrade offer allows you to fly in your preferred class for an additional fee. 

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