Claim Missing Points

Claim Flying Returns Points

Missed to update your Flying Returns points for a recent flight? Our Retro Claim option allows you to record your Flying Returns points. You can use this option even if you are not yet enrolled as a member of our loyalty programme.

What you need to do:

  • Log in to your Flying Returns account and use the option 'Retro Claim', to submit the details of your journey not recorded in the account. Upload the copy of your ticket and boarding pass. If all details are in order, the points will be credited to your account.
  • Else you can use the option to rectify the error and resubmit or forward the claim.
  • Copy of ticket and boarding pass can also be uploaded on the website. Learn More
  • To claim missing points or Retro credit on Star member airlines, contact our support hub.
  • Claims can be submitted not later than 180 days (six months) after travel for flights taken on Star Alliance or Codeshare airlines, and 365 days (12 months) on Air India.
  • Points can be Retro credited 7 days after the date of travel.