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Redeem points for rewards

Spend your reward points to book tickets on Air India or any of the 25 Star Alliance airlines. Elevate your travel experience by upgrading your cabin class using points. For Air India flights, you have the flexibility to combine cash and points for booking.

Air India and Star Alliance flights
Air India and Star Alliance flights
Cabin Upgrade
Cabin upgrade
Book With Cash + Points
Book with Cash + Points

Redeem points for Air India tickets 

Book Air India tickets and upgrade your cabin class with your points. Combine cash and points for bookings.


You can choose from various fare options for redemption, including Value and Prime Fare, tailored for different booking preferences. While Value is the standard fare for advance bookings, Prime is a premium option for last-minute redemptions.

Redeem points for Star Alliance tickets

Book on any of the 25 Star Alliance airlines with your points.  

Know more about Star Alliance redemption policies.

Redeem points for cabin upgrades

Wish to upgrade your cabin class using points? Go ahead, spend your points and enjoy an elevated flying experience on Air India and Star Alliance airlines.


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