Special Baggage

Carrying Special Baggage

Whether it is your favourite cello or prized golf club, we are committed to the safe transfer of your special baggage. While all cabin baggage is subject to security clearance, you can stow small musical instruments in the cabin if they meet dimension and weight requirements. Book an extra seat for special belongings like diplomatic mail, expensive and fragile articles (antiques, artifacts, heirlooms, etc.), and non-bulky musical instruments


Pointers to consider while carrying special baggage:

  • Weight of the baggage must not exceed 75 kg/165 lb.
  • Baggage must be packed well to avoid injury to other passengers.
  • Secure the baggage in a seat adjacent to you with the seat belt to avoid mishaps during the flight.
  • It must not restrict access to the emergency exits or aisle of the cabin.
  • It must not obscure passengers’ view of the seat belt, no smoking, and exit signage.
  • Baggage must not contain dangerous goods.
  • The seat for baggage must be prepaid and booked in advance.

Sports Equipment

 Here is what you need to keep in mind while carrying sports equipment.

Golfing Equipment

  • One golf kit with a bag and a pair of shoes will be charged equal to 6 kg/13 lb of excess baggage.
  • Only one such kit can be pooled in the free baggage allowance of a given travel class. Additional charges will apply in absence of free baggage allowance.
  • Excess baggage fee will apply if the golf kit weighs more than 15 kg/33 lb.

Snow or Water-Skiing Equipment

  • The kit can contain a pair of skis, a pair of boots or one snowboard, a pair of boots and single pair of standard water skis.
  • Standard charges equivalent to 3 kg/7 lb of excess baggage will apply.
  • One skiing kit can also be carried under free baggage allowance. Additional charges will apply in absence of free baggage allowance.
  • Anything in addition to the ski kit will be charged the normal excess baggage rate.  

Angling Kit

  • The angling kit shall be treated equivalent to 4 kg/9 lb of excess baggage.
  • The kit may be pooled with free baggage allowance. If it weighs more than baggage allowance, the passenger will be charged.
  • Normal excess baggage rate will apply if the angling kit weighs more than 15 kg/ 33 lb 

Sporting Equipment for USA and Canada

For golfing kits and surf boarding equipment:

  • The kit will be charged at 50% of excess baggage charge.
  • Only one kit per passenger can be pooled with the free baggage.
  • Excess weight of an additional kit shall be charged as an extra piece.

Snow/Water Skiing equipment:

  • A kit containing single pair of skis and one pair of boots or one snowboard and a pair of boots or one pair of standard water skis can be carried.
  • Applicable excess baggage will be charged at 33%.

Rules for Carrying Bulky, Fragile Items, and Large Musical Instruments

Under normal circumstances, passengers will not be permitted to carry bulky musical instruments or other fragile items in the cabin. These items might cause inconvenience to other passengers and can be a possible safety risk or hazard in case of turbulent weather or emergencies.

  • Passengers are required to pack these items adequately when taking them as checked-in baggage.
  • When the packing is inadequate for checked-in baggage, a Limited Release tag shall be put on such items. The passenger will have to give their signature before dropping the luggage at Air India counter to indicate there is no liability to Air India.
  • To identify and ensure that baggage containing fragile items is handled with care, we will attach a Fragile label to it.

For items that meet requirements, you can book an extra seat to carry them in the cabin.

Rules for Carrying Arms and Ammunition

Domestic flights:

  • A passenger can carry one licensed revolver or pistol or shotgun and fifty cartridges in the registered baggage. This should be done after declaring the arms at check-in and meeting all safety and security requirements. A prescribed form is to be filled in by the passenger and verified by the airport manager.
  • There is no provision to carry weapons and ammunition on ATR (Aerospatiale/Alenia) flights. A handling charge of INR 5000 (plus GST) per firearm and/or 50 cartridges will be levied per passenger.

The following categories of passengers are exempted from paying the handling charge:

  • Serving personnel from Indian Defence Forces, Para Military Forces, Police and customs officials travelling on duty and carrying an official Movement Order issued by their concerned department authorizing the carriage of weapon and/or ammunition for official purpose.
  • Sportspersons travelling either domestically or internationally for a competition or representing the country, provided they fulfil the following conditions: 
    • Identification document of the sportsperson. Evidence of identity can be established by a photo identity card issued by a government agency or the sponsoring club.
    • Valid license/authorization of firearms and ammunition.
    • Bonafide for carriage of arms and ammunition based on a written document issued by the president or secretary of the sports club sponsoring them for the shooting event.

Contact us for further details before booking the ticket.

International flights:

  • The above rules will apply on our international sectors as well subject to local laws and necessary permits.
  • Air India will levy a handling charge of USD 100 (or equivalent amount plus local taxes) per firearm and/or 50 cartridges.