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The checked baggage allowance for your flight varies depending on factors like travel class, fare family, route, and Flying Returns member status.

Here's an overview:

Economy class: One piece weighing up to 23 kg/50 lb is allowed. On some routes, two pieces are permitted.

Business class: Two pieces weighing up to 32 kg/70 lb each are allowed.

First class: Two pieces weighing up to 32 kg/lb each are allowed.

For more details and benefits based on Flying Returns status, visit our Checked Allowance Page. Please be mindful of weight and size limits to avoid extra charges.

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The size limit for baggage on flights is determined by Air India's policies and can vary depending on whether it's carry-on or checked baggage. Our size restrictions are as follows:

Carry-on baggage size limit

The standard dimensions for carry-on bags are limited to a maximum of 55*40*20 cm (21.6*15.7*7.8 in), including handles, pockets, and wheels.

Additionally, passengers are allowed to bring one personal item, such as a laptop bag or handbag, with dimensions that do not exceed 40*30*15 cm (16*12*6 in).

Checked baggage size limit

The size limit for checked baggage can vary based on the travel class and the route. In most cases, the sum of the three dimensions, bracket open length plus width plus height bracket closed, should not exceed 158 cm/62 in for each piece of checked baggage.

Business and first-class travellers may have a slightly larger size allowance for checked bags.

It's crucial to adhere to the specified size limit for carry-on and checked baggage to avoid any issues during your journey. Oversized baggage might incur additional fees or could get transported as cargo.

For any concerns or questions about baggage size restrictions, please refer to our official Excess Baggage Page for more detailed information.

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Flying Returns is our frequent flyer programme offering various benefits to its members, including additional baggage allowance based on their membership tier. Here's an overview of the extra baggage allowance for a member.

Silver Edge Club

Silver Edge Club receive an additional baggage allowance of 10 kg/22 lb over and above the standard allowance for their travel class. This extra allowance is applicable on Air India flights only.

Golden Edge Club

Golden Edge Club members enjoy an additional baggage allowance of 15 kg/33 lb over and above the standard allowance for their travel class. This extra allowance is only applicable on Air India flights.

The Maharaja Club

The Maharaja Club members receive a generous additional baggage allowance of 20 kg, 44 lb over and above the standard allowance for their travel class. This extra allowance is applicable on Air India flights only.

Please remember that the extra baggage allowance might vary based on the specific destination and route, and verifying the exact benefits associated with your Flying Returns membership is essential.

Travel comfortably and maximise your baggage allowance as a valued Flying Returns member with Air India! 

Sorry, we do not allow pooling or transferring baggage allowances between passengers. The baggage allowance is based on the passenger's booking and cannot be pooled or shared with anyone. However, if you have a booking with multiple members under a single PNR, also known as a split PNR booking, you can combine the baggage allowance for all passengers.

If you have excess baggage, you can carry it for a fee or make alternative arrangements to reduce the weight of your baggage before the flight.

For any concerns or questions about baggage size restrictions, please refer to our official Excess Baggage Page for more detailed information. 

The baggage allowance for international flights on Air India depends on your travel class, fare family, destination, and frequent flyer member status. Here’s a summary:

International carry-on baggage

One carry-on bag with dimensions 55*35*25 cm (22*14*10 in) is allowed along with a personal item (like a laptop bag or handbag) not exceeding 40*30*15 cm (16*12*6 in).

International checked baggage

Economy class: One or two pieces, each weighing up to 23 kg/50 lb.

Business and first class: Two pieces, each weighing up to 32 kg/70 lb.

Flying Returns bonus

Flying Returns members may receive additional baggage allowance depending on their membership tier (Silver Edge Club, Golden Edge Club, and The Maharaja Club).

Travel comfortably with Air India and enjoy your international flight. 

The baggage allowance for domestic flights on Air India generally depends on your travel class and fare family. Here’s a summary:

Domestic carry-on baggage

One carry-on bag with dimensions 55*35*25 cm (22*14*10 in) is allowed along with a personal item (like a laptop bag or handbag).

Domestic checked baggage

Economy class: One or two pieces, up to 15 kg/33 lb or 25 kg/55 lb each, depending on the route. Business and first class: Two pieces, each weighing up to 35 kg/77 lb.

Frequent flyer bonus

Frequent Returns members may receive additional baggage allowance varying based on their membership tier (Silver Edge Club, Golden Edge Club, and The Maharaja Club) 

If you have checked in for your flight online and need to check your baggage, follow these steps for a seamless process:

Checked baggage guidelines

First, review our baggage guidelines to familiarise yourself with the allowed weight, size, and number of bags based on your travel class and destination.

Proceed to the airport

Arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight departure. The check-in window may vary but it’s usually available from 48 hours up to 60 minutes before the flight departure time.

Baggage drop counter

Head to the designated baggage drop counter at the airport. These counters are usually separate from the regular check-in counters and are meant for passengers who have checked in online but need to drop off their baggage.

Present your documents

Approach the airline staff at the baggage drop counter and present your travel documents such as your e-ticket and identification like passport, driver’s license, etc.

Check in your baggage

The airline staff will assist you with checking in your baggage. They will weigh your bags to ensure they meet the weight limits and tag them with destination labels.

Collect boarding pass (if needed)

If you haven't already obtained your boarding pass during the online check-in, the staff at the baggage drop counter may issue it to you at this stage. 

Yes, we have an advanced tracking system that allows you to monitor the status and location of your checked baggage. Here’s how you can track your baggage:

Baggage tracking system

Access the WorldTracer by visiting the Baggage Tracking Page on our website.

Enter required information

On our tracking page, enter essential details such as your last name, booking reference number (PNR), or baggage reference number (tag number). These details are usually available on your boarding pass or baggage claim tag.

SMS and email updates

Once you check in your baggage, you receive an email and an SMS on your registered number and id respectively. The message will notify that the baggage has been successfully checked in and loaded on the aircraft. This SMS/email includes the baggage reference number (tag number) that will allow you to track your baggage in case it gets misplaced.

Get real-time updates

Once you have provided the required information, the system will display real-time updates on the location and status of your checked baggage. You can track its movement and know when it is delivered at your destination airport.

Baggage tracking provides peace of mind and allows you to trace the whereabouts of your belongings, especially during connecting flights or layovers.

It is advisable to keep your baggage claim tags safe until you receive your luggage at your destination. 

Although we do not have a specific policy for checking in baggage the night before a flight, in some cases, it can be done depending on the time of your departure. We make exceptions in certain situations, such as early morning flights or if a passenger has a long layover between flights. In such cases, passengers can check in their baggage the night before their flight. In all other cases, passengers must check in their baggage at the airport on the day of their flight within the specified check-in hours.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, ensure that you arrive at the airport well ahead of your flight's departure time and check in your baggage during the designated check-in hours.

Check in Now

Our baggage drop counters provide a convenient way for you to drop off your luggage without waiting in long check-in queues. To take advantage of this service, please follow these simple steps:

Check in online

Complete your check-in using our website or app check-in facility.

Obtain boarding pass

You will receive a printable boarding card for domestic travel or a confirmation slip for international travel. Please note that codeshare flights are not currently eligible for this service.

Baggage drop

Head to Air India's baggage drop counter at the origin airport, ensuring your bags meet the required allowance.

Proceed to security and boarding

After checking in your baggage, proceed to the security check and then to the boarding gate for your flight to enjoy a pleasant journey with Air India. 

If you have a connecting flight on a single e-ticket with us or a partner airline, your checked baggage is typically transferred automatically to your final destination. You won't need to check it in again during transit. Please ensure your entire itinerary is booked on a single ticket for a hassle-free baggage transfer.

For separate tickets on different airlines, baggage transfer may not be automatic. In such cases, you must claim and recheck your baggage at each connecting point.

To confirm the baggage transfer policy for your specific itinerary, check with our customer support or your booking agent at the time of reservation. 

Yes, your baggage allowance may change when you board a connecting flight in a different sector, depending on various factors such as airline policy, travel class, and the specific route. Here's what you need to consider:

Same airline and ticket

If your connecting flight is part of the same booking on a single e-ticket with the same airline, the baggage allowance is consistent throughout the journey.

Different airlines, separate tickets

When connecting flights are booked separately or involve different airlines, baggage allowance may vary between sectors. Each airline typically follows baggage policies specific to them, and you may need to comply with the rules of each carrier for the respective segments.

Additional information

To ensure you are aware of any changes in baggage allowance, carefully review the baggage policies of all airlines involved in your journey, especially when booking connecting flights on separate tickets or with different carriers.

Booking your entire itinerary or a single ticket with the same airline or partner airlines can help maintain a consistent baggage allowance for all sectors. 

We take extra care of our young guests. They are allowed to check in the same amount of baggage as any adult passenger on that flight.

We have a fixed baggage allowance of 10kg/22lb for infants across all travel classes.

The cost of booking excess baggage on a flight with Air India can vary between several factors, including the route, travel class, and the weight of the additional baggage.

The charges are usually calculated based on the additional weight of the baggage. Air India often uses a tiered pricing structure for excess baggage, where the charges increase with the weight of the additional baggage. The charges vary for domestic and international flights.

Domestic flights

Excess baggage charges can range from approximately INR 400 to INR 750 per kg.

International flights

Excess baggage charges can vary from approximately USD 100 to USD 200 per piece or kg of excess baggage, depending on the route and travel class.

How to calculate excess baggage charges

To determine the exact cost of booking excess baggage on your flight, refer to our official Excess Baggage Page. On this page, you will find detailed information about the charges, guidelines, and the process to pre-book excess baggage if required.

Additional information

Pre-booking excess baggage is often more cost-effective than paying at the airport. To avoid any surprises and to plan your journey efficiently, reviewing the excess baggage charges for your itinerary is essential.

Travel with ease and ensure your baggage complies with the allowed limits for a smooth journey with us. 

Yes, you can pre-book excess baggage on our domestic flights at discounted rates up to six hours before departure. After you book a flight with us, you can buy excess baggage for that journey by visiting the Manage Booking section on our website or app.

You can also book excess baggage through the following channels:

  1. Air India's city booking offices
  2. Airport offices
  3. Air India call centres
  4. Authorised Air India agents.

Yes, you can pay for excess baggage at the airport at our check-in counters. However, pre-booking excess baggage is often more cost-effective than paying at the airport. And during busy travel periods or on specific routes, we may be unable to accommodate your excess baggage request. 

If you discover baggage damage during your journey, you must take immediate action and report the issue to Air India. Here's what you should do to report damages to your baggage:

Immediate inspection

Upon receiving your baggage at the destination airport, inspect immediately for any visible damages or signs of mishandling. If you notice any damages, report them to the airline staff at the baggage claim area before leaving the airport.

File a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

If you notice baggage damages at the airport, request Air India representatives to assist you in finding a Property Irregularity Report.

The PIR is an official document that documents the conditions of your baggage and the reported damages. Make sure to provide accurate information and keep a copy of the report for your record.

Provide relevant details

While filing the PIR, be prepared to provide relevant details about your flight, baggage tags, contact information and a description of the damages incurred.
Including photographs of the damaged baggage can be helpful in the claims process.

Follow-up and claims

After filling out the PIR, you can trace your baggage using the WorldTracer baggage tracking system.

For detailed information on reporting damages to your baggage and specific procedures, refer to our official Lost and Damaged Baggage Page.

It's crucial to report damages as soon as possible to improve the chances of a successful claim and resolution.

Losing your baggage during a journey can be distressing, but immediate action can help locate and recover your belongings. Here is what you should do if your baggage is lost:

Notify us

Report the loss immediately to Air India staff at the baggage claim area or the ‘Lost and Found’ desk. Provide flight details, baggage tags, and a detailed description of the lost items.

File a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)

Request help to file a PIR – an official document to record the details of your lost baggage. Keep a copy of the report for follow-up.

Check online

Use the PIR reference number to track your lost package status on our WorldTracer baggage tracking system. Any baggage that cannot be traced 21 days from the date of filing of the report is considered lost.

Claim compensation (if applicable)

You may be eligible for a one-time settlement as interim relief. To read our policy on compensation if your baggage is not recovered within a specified period, visit our Lost and Damaged Baggage Page.

Travel confidently, knowing that Air India is dedicated to resolving such incidents with care and efficiency. 

Please report the loss to the Air India personnel at the airport. They will file a Property Irregularity Report, and you will be given a reference number for follow-up action. 

Please contact Air India's airport staff, and they should be able to help with this. If you have already left the airport, please raise a request using our customer support portal, and our executive can help with this request. 

If you pick up a wrong bag at the airport, promptly bring it to an Air India baggage services counter at the airport nearest to you. Our dedicated staff will work diligently to resolve the issue and reunite you with your belongings.

If your baggage does not arrive at the destination airport, you may be eligible for a one-time settlement as interim relief.

It is essential to promptly report the loss of your baggage to the Air India staff in the baggage claim area and file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to initiate the claims process and determine the exact compensation.

We will make every effort to locate and reunite you with your belongings. To understand the severance compensation and the process of claiming compensation for your lost baggage, please refer to our official Lost and Damaged Baggage Page.

Be patient and cooperative during the process, as our dedicated staff will work diligently to resolve the issue and compensate you for your loss to the best of our ability. Travel with the confidence that Air India is committed to resolving any issues of loss or damage of baggage promptly and efficiently. 

Yes, you can take up to 5 litres of alcohol per person in your carry-on bag. The total can be up to 70% alcohol by volume and must be in its retail packaging. Keep the bottles and carry bags sealed. Make sure to keep your receipts handy. 

You can carry liquids in your hand baggage under the following regulations:

  1. Liquids must be in containers of 100 ml or less each.
  2. Place these containers in a clear, resealable plastic bag with a total capacity of 1 litre.
  3. Each passenger is allowed one such plastic bag.
  4. Certain essential liquids, like medicines and baby food, are exempt from the 100 ml limit.
  5. Present the plastic bag separately during security screening.

Air India is committed to assisting and supporting passengers with disabilities or medical conditions. The baggage policy for such passengers accommodates their needs while ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Medical equipment

Essential medical equipment like wheelchairs is allowed free of charge and does not count towards the regular baggage allowance.

Additional baggage allowance

Passengers can carry essential medication in their cabin baggage, regardless of the liquid or gel restrictions, provided they have the prescribed documents.

Air India ensures a welcoming and accessible travel experience for all passengers, addressing their specific needs with care and support. 

Air India allows passengers to carry sports equipment as carry-on and checked baggage, depending on the specific item and its dimensions. Here is what you need to know:

Carry-on baggage

Some sports equipment may be allowed as carry-on baggage, provided it meets the size and weight restrictions allowed for cabin luggage.

Examples of carry-on sports equipment may include small items like badminton rackets or tennis rackets if they fit within the allowed dimensions.

Checked baggage

Larger sports equipment that exceeds the size limits for carry-on baggage must be checked as ‘special baggage’.

Items like golf clubs, bicycles, skis, surfboards, etc. typically fall under checked baggage and are categorised as ‘special baggage’.

Packaging and restrictions

Ensure your sports equipment is appropriately packed and protected to prevent any damage during handling and transport. Certain items may require specific cases or packaging to meet safety requirements.

Advance intimation

If you intend to carry sports equipment as checked baggage, it is advisable to inform Air India during the booking process or at least 24-48 hours before departure. It allows us to make necessary arrangements and accommodate the equipment in the cargo hold.

Charges and documentation

Depending on the size and weight of the sports equipment, additional charges may apply for checked baggage. Specific documentation and approvals may be required for certain items, like firearms or ammunition for sports. 

Yes, passengers can carry musical instruments as part of their flight baggage. However, specific guidelines and restrictions apply to ensure the safe transport of these valuable items. Here's what you need to know:

Carry-on instruments

For small musical instruments as carry-on baggage, ensure they comply with our size and weight restrictions for cabin luggage.

You may need to store them in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you.

Checked instruments

Larger musical instruments such as cellos, guitars, or larger brass instruments are accepted as checked baggage.

Please inform Air India during the booking process or at least 24-48 hours before departure to arrange for their transportation.

Packaging and protection

Proper packaging and protection are essential to safeguard musical instruments from damage during handling and transport. Use appropriate cases or covers to provide adequate support and cushioning.

Additional information

For comprehensive information on carrying musical instruments, whether as carry-on or checked baggage, and any associated charges, visit our official Special Baggage Page.

Travel with your musical instruments stress-free and create melodies wherever you go with Air India's support and care. 

Yes, you can request special handling of your baggage if it contains fragile items. Air India recognises the importance of carefully handling delicate and valuable items during travel. Here is what you need to know:

Inform in advance

If your baggage contains fragile items, it is essential to inform us during the booking process or at least 24 to 48 hours before the flight’s departure. Providing advanced notice allows us to make necessary arrangements for special handling.

Packaging and labelling

Proper packaging is crucial to protect fragile items during handling and transport. Ensure that each fragile item is securely wrapped in cushion to prevent damage. Clearly label baggage as 'Fragile' to alert our staff and handlers.

Special baggage handling

Air India's staff are trained to handle fragile items with care. Fragile-tagged baggage is typically given special attention during loading and unloading.

Carry-on option

Consider taking highly delicate and valuable items as carry-on baggage, provided they meet the size and weight restrictions applicable for cabin luggage.

Additional information

Air India's commitment to special handling helps ensure that your fragile items are treated with the utmost care and attention throughout the journey.

Travel with peace of mind, knowing that your fragile items are in safe hands with Air India's dedicated handling services. 

Yes, you are allowed to carry a box instead of a suitcase as baggage on Air India flights, but this depends on various criteria such as:

  • The box is suitably packed as per the guidelines.
  • The contents of the box are permitted.
  • The box is under permissible weight and size restrictions.
  • It meets the baggage allowances of the country of arrival and departure.