Important Updates

Important updates on our Flying Returns programme

We are in the final lap of the migration of our loyalty programme to new software. The functions of the loyalty programme include:

  • Member enrolment/view profile are available on the website.
  • Auto accruals on Air India/Star partner flights (when the Frequent Flyer number is incorporated into the booking).
  • Air India members can now redeem their Flying Returns points for award tickets on Air India/Star partner flights through Air India city offices, call centres and online channels.
  • Upgrade on Air India flights through our city offices or call centres.
  • For new requests and modification of family pool accounts, click here.
  • Air India members can complete online Retro credit for travel on Air India for tickets issued on or after 25 May 2022.
  • For Air India members to claim Retro credit for travel on Star partner flights click here.
  • A monthly statement will be delivered to member’s registered email id for the month in which there is account activity.

Please note:

Retro Claims on Air India: For Air India tickets issued prior to 24 May 2022 for Retro Claim along with copy of ticket and boarding card.

Retro Claims on Star Alliance partners: Attach a copy of the ticket and boarding card for your request for Retro Claim.

As per Air India policy, Flying Returns points that have expired during the past 24 months are available for revival. The revival can be done through Air India call centres and city offices.

Retro Accrual on Star partners through member portal have now been started.

Following Frequent Flyer related functionalities will be available shortly:

Upgrade against FR points for AI members on Star Airlines and Star Airlines on Air India.