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Convert ICICI Bank Reward points into Flying Returns points


Convert your ICICI Bank Reward points into Flying Returns points 

Here is a golden chance for Flying Returns members and ICICI Bank credit/ debit cardholders. Convert your ICICI Bank Reward points to Flying Returns points to get reward flights and upgrades faster.

Offer overview


Check eligibility and conversion rate for eligible ICICI Bank credit/ debit cardholders


Request points transfer through internet banking or mobile banking


Converted points will be credited to your Flying Returns account in 5 working days.

Convert Now, Fly More

Your ICICI Bank Reward points can now help you earn those much-desired upgrades or reward flights quicker and easier. This offer applies to all ICICI Bank credit and debit card holders. Refer the table below to understand the points conversion value:

Eligible ICICI Bank cards ICICI Bank Reward points: Flying Returns points
Emeralde Private Metal Credit Card1:1

Other eligible debit/ credit cards

(*minimum 2000 ICICI Bank reward points required for conversion into Flying Returns points)


Let’s make it simpler

Imagine you’re 370 Flying Returns points shy of redeeming an upgrade. If you are an Emeralde Private Metal credit card holder with 550 ICICI Bank Reward points, you can convert 370 of those points into Flying Returns points to get yourself the upgrade. For all other ICICI Bank credit and debit card holders, if you have 2800 ICICI Bank Reward points in your card, then you can convert 2200 of those points into Flying Returns points to get the upgrade. It’s that simple!

Pro tip: It is best to convert your points online well ahead of purchasing your upgrades or reward flights, as it takes 5 working days for points to appear in your Flying Returns account  

How to Convert

You can convert your ICICI Bank Reward points to Flying Returns points through:

Internet banking

Mobile banking

  • Log-in to iMobile Pay app.
  • Under Transact, choose Cards & Forex.
  • Select your credit/debit card.
  • Click on Redeem Now.

About ICICI Bank Rewards

ICICI Bank Rewards programme is a new platform launched by ICICI Bank in August 2022. Under this programme, a member can earn ICICI Bank reward points for all the purchases made through their credit and debit cards and spend those points on a variety of products on the new ICICI Bank rewards platform. It gives the customer an easier way to earn, track, and spend their reward points. 


Terms and Conditions

  • Upon redemption, the Reward points thus claimed will be automatically deducted from the accumulated points balance in the ICICI Bank cardmember's account.
  • All ICICI Bank cardholders, excluding Emeralde Private Metal Credit cardholders, need to have a minimum of 2000 points in their account to be eligible for Flying Returns points conversion.
  • Customers can transfer ICICI Bank Reward points only to their own Flying Returns account. Points transfer to any other Flying Returns account is not permitted. 
  • ICICI Bank and Air India reserve the right to extend or terminate this programme without prior notice. 
  • A card member cannot transfer points to another member or debit/credit card account. 
  • Once ICICI Bank Reward points are converted into Flying Returns points, the transaction cannot be reversed or cancelled.  
  • The terms and conditions of this offer shall be governed by the laws of India. 
  • Any dispute arising from this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in Mumbai. 
  • All Air India and Flying Returns terms and conditions apply. Click here for a detailed version. 
  • For detailed terms and conditions of ICICI Bank Reward redemption, click here. This facility is open to all valid ICICI Bank debit/credit cardholders.
  • All terms and conditions of the ICICI Bank  Rewards programme are applicable unless otherwise mentioned. 
  • For any conversion request to Flying Returns points, the membership account will be credited with points in 5 working days from the date of receiving the request. Whilst ICICI Bank shall endeavour to execute all conversion requests within this period, ICICI Bank shall not be liable in any way for any delay in crediting the ICICI Bank Rewards points to member’s Flying Returns membership account. 
  • ICICI Bank shall not be liable for any issues related to cardholder's Flying Returns membership and associated privileges. 
  • Air India is responsible for the Flying Returns programme. Flying Returns points are issued and redeemed in accordance with Air India’s Frequent Flyer Programme T&Cs. 

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